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Welcome Korean mapmakers20 of February 2006 11:20 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I have just seen the great maps by CarTa[Astral] or Saint_Icarus that have been added recently to the database, and of course we all remember the nice maps SummerSky made a few months ago. I know that over at mapdori there are a lot of talented mapmakers and more important, awesome maps. I would appreciate it a lot if we saw more of them on the database of

Please try to write comments in english, we are pretty tolerant for language mistakes. Most of us are not from english-speaking countries.
Also do not post more than three of your maps at once, they would not get the attention they deserve.

Happy mapping:)

--v mOsQ
l o l
and..... i'm not mapdorian.
Wow, I didn't know SummerSky still visited BWM.N. Hi SS! And Carta and Saint_Icarus welcome, you've got some nice maps already.
a warm welcome :p
I know that most of the pro maps in tournaments, leagues are koreans, but most of the i really don't like. Now i see the new comming wave of korean maps, and 90% of the - LOVE THEM ALL! Really! I wonder why some of them are not used. They look so fresh, and well made. Great job, and welcome to BWMN.

P.S. Make an english version of mapdori, will ya? :D
So what's the point of this post?

WELOCME DECAFCHICKEN, nice to have you here !! :D

(wtf? ^^ i think panschk just wanted to show us his selfmade korean Flag x)
Just kidding.

What are the black stirpes for, they look different, what do they stand for (in reality! I almost can smell flo trying to write something stupid... :P )
Your Name
I'm sorry to say korean;;
I just wanted to encourage a trend. I prefer seeing great quality maps here, and it is true that we do not have many korean mappers here yet.

And the flag is not self-made, I just googled for it ;)
that is Korean flag, tae geuk-ki
hey, i never write stupid things! only creative ones :P

""Kwae" are cultural letters of the "I Ging". they have profane and cosmological background.

there are different interpretations:
Sun, Moon, Earth, Heaven
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
South, West, North, East"

from: random google result. dunno if it's really the right one, but now you have some interpretations to show off ^^
The Southkorean flag itself still contains much of the philosophy and the mysticism of asia. On it, the Yin-Yan-symbol is shown, the upper half in red (yin), the lower part in blue (yan). This expresses the central idea that, despite the neverending movement inside the sphere of infinity, balance and harmony are on top of things. three barrens in every corner symbolize the idea of balance and opposite. the three unbroken lines on top left stand for Heaven, the three broken lines on the diagonal opposite do so for Earth. On bottom left, there are two unbroken lines with one broken between them. This setup means Fire, while the diagonal opposite is the symbol for Water.

from another google site

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