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Update06 of July 2005 09:05 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Good News! :D

For those of you not visiting the forums frequently, We have decided (i guess) to hold a weekly "Map of the Week" (MotW) event. The maps are decided by site admin and voting will take place among a selected few (since visitors proven over and over that the ratingsystem is too easily abused :( ) But nontheless a map of the week will be decided and the price will hopefully be a tourney played on the winning map giving the creator alot of replays to look at! :). There is no starting date set yet because the event is still under development, but i thought it definitely was worth mentioning anyway :)

IF ANYONE HAVE GOOD IDEAS CONCERNING THE PRICE OF THE TOURNEYWINNER (PLAYER), PLEASE POST THEM IN THE FORUM THREAD "motw#1"!!! There should be something desirable, but shouldn't cost anything or beeing a physical thing. Examples: A special avatar by the name or a Special StarCraft account that one would want: Like SlayerS_`BoxeR` :) Or whatever, go figure.

Bad News.. :(

It has come to my attention that some tensions has evolved between some of our visitors. Everyone must understand that "a personal opinion is not more than that, and it does not help insulting anyone else" (quote, panschk) This site was created with the best of intentions - to host a free map database with no registration and no obligations, and so far He (Panschk, aka God:)) has succeded. Don't ruin the concept with bad behaviour. We will have to work out a "codex of behaviour" if we still are encountering problems with this issue, but hopefully we will not come to that point where it is necesary.

I know it seems like alot of bad news all the time, but the site is still in it's infant stages and before the system is fully developed, things like this will occur :P But with your help we will make this a funny functional map database/comunity and we will definitely have very fun getting there too.


Comment please :o

nice news, but the colors are awful ;)
never, i like them :P its too boring all blue and grey
HEy, that's white. Your screen must by dirty -__-
same shit different name :)

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