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MOTW.36 200605 of September 2006 02:48 AM
Posted by:Nastymarine

This week's MOTW comes from trcc, veteran mapper here at

(4)Greedy Weakness is a well executed map, easy on the eyes, great layout, and has no major balance issues (which is always a plus :D).

A new idea was incorporated into this map which catches my eye is the in-base Natural. The most unique part about it, is that there is easy access to the mineral line for opponents to harass, creating interesting opportunities early game and mid game.

Congratulations to trcc

To the map thread

congratz TRCC
I just hope that zerg players won't take too much advance whit the FE inside their base. But hey! You can attack them from behind :P
O well I'm surprised this map got motw lol :P

sorry guys if I'm not making any maps at the moment... The past 4 months have been really hard for me to find new ideas/concept. I'm not a fan of those all those new inverted ramp, and when i'm trying to make a map, the normal ramps gives me hard troubles, so i always give up hmmm.. Recently i've tryed to comeback in map making.. but for a different type of game :P I'm making a second counter-strike map ( the first one was a co-op map with Starparty ) Maybe this is what will give me back the mapping fever ;o (BTW I'm mostly reading all what you guys say on the site, I'm just too bad in english when it comes to explain specific problems or wtv, :S I will try to give more comments :D )
It is sooo pretty:-).

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