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Last update for (4)Greedy Weakness : 2006, 09, 14 09:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1249 (4)Greedy Weakness 128*128trcc1.4beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 80 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Hmm hello back, it took me 1-2 months to think about something i think is new, maybe not, so if its not well im gonna go hang myself :D

Also, i was busy with school works and playing DIABLO2 LOD ! damn addicting game.

I didn't playtest the map but i hope some1 will =P

If u point gaz issue, its on purpose, in case some1 wants to use the 2nd geyser without building expo??! it would not be faire for 2 positions, tell me what you think =)
nice execution of a new concept. i would move the first expo in the base to a more vounerable position though. d at the choke will should protect it.
i like it, it is somehow fresh. acutally, i had a similar (only similar, playing with the same idea, but integrated in another way) drawing. never made it in SE. so don't hang yourself, it is really away from what you did.

In earlygame, terran has an incredible boost. once having siege, unharassable inbaseexpo. same in PvZ, FE will work perfectly. just place your 1st gateway outside the choke :/

still, very nice map. might be slightly p>z (because there is only few gas) in 1on1 [which is good).
in 2on2, i think you got severe bunker-turtle-problems
welcome back!

nice idea with the nats. other than that the center is very azalea-ish (however you spell it)

how it stands, its nice but there needs to be 2 more expos (with gas). i think the best place to put them is at 2 and 8 (just a thought)
- Red and Blue's gas are tankable from cliffs (they have landable spots.)
- In teal's base Lings can fit between the nat's leftmost minfield and the one single cliffwall.


This only need some tests to see tank ranges and lings path finding trough some spots, and thats it.
though, some emphasis on the center would help the maps
What do you mean by emphasis? The center is too big?
Image Hosted by"

modified by trcc

IS this version better? Maybe widen bridges would be useful here, but in that case, i have to remove all the doodads before making the widen brige to avoid doodad cut off bug ?
modified by trcc
modified by panschk[FP]
emphasis like, more meaning for the gameplay
kk but what u suggest then? some critters to push players to kill em in midle :D?
hm, i have no real answer to that. just look in GMCS, where you could move the minonly to, or add another minonly, or a gasexpo, whatever. just an idea where you could figure out placing expos (or moving expos, whatever). i think you can think of by yourself :)
i suggest a wide open center since those inside expos probably benefit protoss and terran more.
good job, but i canīt decide if its z-friendy or not ;O
did anyone consider that offensive gateway with probe-stack-zealotjumping would be rather effective on this map? :o
Only versus terran. It's not like you's gain a lot from this versus z/p. And since gundam rush is getting very common lately, you should be able to easily hold this. A marine on a map without a ramp is always a must, anyways, and with scouting I don't see a problem.
The natural set up kind've favors T/P over Z a bit. T/P are able to FE and place defense at the second choke so the min line can't be harassed, but Zerg would have to get their creep all the way out there or 3 hatch.
If the in-base expo was ment for gas, then it'd be better if it didn't have a full complement of mineral patches. 7 or even 6 would be cool.

The land path to the min-only and the bridge that leads to the main's choke should probably be switched, so the small bridge leads into the min-only and the land path leads into main's choke area. I toyed with this map in the sc map editor, and the switch really opened up the path to the choke areas and the bridges lead directly to another main's choke.

Cool map with lots of room for improvement. I think it's a 6/10 as it is.


--park vs me vs z(1on1, 1.14)

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