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BWMN tournament vol108 of October 2006 11:38 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Tonight the first BWMN tournament using my new gosu script took place in op BWMN on europe. The big favorite lnept did not show up, and some players were late, but in the end we managed to play an almost complete bracket.

Tournament tree

The awesome panschk[FP] won the tourney without losing a single match, ScoutWBF was his opponent in the grand final. Some replays can be downloaded after clicking on the match's details.

final standing

1: panschk[FP]
2: ScoutWBF
3: spinesheat

The four maps in the mappack were:
crush it II, Roanoken, azure pasture and Paradise Lost.

I think the comments are a good possibility to praise the incredible panschk and to discuss the maps too :D

gratz panschk, awesome job-_-

seriously, although I read a lot of negative comments on the map, I was quite pleased with them.

crush it: I watched a replay on it that makes me want to play it even more, i could not play it though because neither cenerae nor me could host games and there is no obs version T_T

azure pasture: Almost everyone was hating on it, i dont get why. I think it played pretty nice.

roanoken: don't know about balancing, but it is a really innovative map and it plays rather smooth too. I don't think people who post "T>all" immedidatly understand the map and the great strategical mind of flothefreak:O

paradise lost: IMO the building space is not enough, especially on top position. Plays okay besides that. melee version is buggy in UMS, please fix with next update...
panschk is incredible, agreed^^

crush it: formations are buggy. Other than that I didn't get to see much because I played horribly.

Paradise Lost: Gosu map, I won. I didn't get to see much on that map except that 12pool 11hatch > FE Nexus first.

azure pasture: Playable, and in game did not seem too terribly imbalanced at all. But it is not MOTW quality. The games weren't fun at all here really.

Roanoken: I hate this map, it is t favouring. zvt big nat and alternative entrance north, not to mention tankable mains. I didn't get to see much more of the map because I can't tvt and it was bo1.
o0 buggy? how u mean, explain pls and ill fix first thing tomorrow :D

btw, nice job eeryone who played, especially the grand and allmighty incredible panschk (you owe me admin rights now :P )

again next week :D
Very nice! Although I only got to play 1 official game and one warm-up game, I felt that the maps played pretty nice overall. I'll try to be there for the whole tournament next time!

Oh, and Panschk is awesome!!! :D
Heh, one of the best newsposts ever! :D

Panschk the great!
Replay pack would be nice :P
o.O big

well i had to go to soccer practice , i suck at converting time so i didnt realize

hopefully next time i can make it lol
lol LGI I don't think so. Replay pack would be the most boring thing you've seen since the last hour of dunaj tactics pimpest play XD
nein, my rep vs nasty on paradise was very good :P
well i'd say the replays that are worth watching can be found in the tournament tree, just click on the game details. I saved all of mine, if you absolutely want i can make a rep pack to upload them into the file DB :D
Well it was quite some tournament.But next time I enter a BWMN tournament I'm gonna watch the maps first before registering.

Well all in all I got to say:The tournament was greate with good mannered players but the maps sucked ass.

By the way I only lost because I couldn't play ma 1fac expansion before the first tank style T_T
I had some really nice games - on crush it in zvp and on paradise in zvt, both games featuring some nice dark swarms :D

Didn't get to play Roanoken and left after my loss to Panschk - maybe I could have beaten him after clearing the LB :p
What I learned in my games against panschk:
zvt @ azure: fe is way too risky, against an offensive t style it's terribly hard to hold it.

pvt @ paradise: fe with "proxy"-gate option IS an option - nasty lost to this - but the building area is too small, it gets crowded after you place a few buildings @ your nat, and the ramps could be wider imo.
#2 spines.Azure sure is TvZ heaven ^^
Well, I also had an easy victory on it in zvt. But that was not due to my strength but rather due to my enemies bad t skill ;)
Meh spines we should play together more often T_T
lol spines so what I can't play t. I didn't want a zvz on a map with double gas -.-

I won all of my zvts =/ I expected nasty to bunk me (and he did) so I 12pooled 11 hatch at nat. Still early and I crushed his failed bunker =/
my TvZ is fun :D mech FtW fuck bunker rushes
my terran is not good either, nightmarjoo ;) I'm especially bad with mnm :p

And I'd rape anyone on azure that dares taking 2 gases - +1 lings for da victory!!! Dunno why most people can't adapt to +1 lings :D

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