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Motw 51 200626 of December 2006 10:09 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Congratulations to Losttampon for his motw win with Disruption! The motw was a tough decision from TKTKVROOM's Tengu Premissis and Disruption, and panschk made the decision and picked Disruption. Both maps are good.

As for Disruption, it is a well layed out jungle map which offers a lot of open ground for macro based gaming, as maps these days tend to favour. It sports a nearby island within each main, and has two almost-island expos at E and W. These expos, with the miners being easily picked off by any ranged unit will offer interesting risky gameplay, and the close islands will make fast macro a good choice.

Map discussion thread
Congratulations losttampon, and better luck next time tk!

Note: Panschk's original message was tagged with [rant] [/rant] so I assumed it was a rant and removed it, the following message is from the webmaster himself. The authors had been switched around in his post and have been corrected.

A happy new year to everyone, I hope you did not become too fat over the holidays.

Wrong authors...
hm, cant remember saying that, must have been very drunken...
+ im already too fat ;P
Newspost edited by Nightmarjoo
well its good that a motw newspost is not as negative as mine was, thanks for editing, nightmarjoo. Still I'd like all mapmakers to make sure their obs versions work. It's not much work and its always a shame when they dont.
word, working obs versions ftw! congratz LostTampon!

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