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Avaton Tournament-0115 of February 2007 08:18 PM
Posted by:Nastymarine
Another Tournament will be hosted! Tomorrow at 19CET! Be there or be square. Channels: Op GosuGamers1, Op GosuGamers2

This week it'll be featuring (4)Nazca and (2)Undying Lands. We kept (4)Nazca for repitition, and of course it's addition to the poll at, it's success in the last tournament, and its title as (4)MotY.

The second map featured, (2)Undying Lands was added due to its involvement in the poll like (4)Nazca and its recent title as (2)MotY.

The rest of the mappool:
(3)Tau Cross

Register Here:

The mappack can be found in the File Section --> Mappack, at the bottom of the list. Hope to see you there tomorrow!

you mean, avaton tournament-02 :P
but nice :=)
edited to 02
no no.. its one cuz the first one was labled '00.' Did that cuz it was the first one. I know it's odd but thats how we did :P
ah sorry
Why undying lands? WHY? seriously. Most hated map ever.
well if it gets bad feedback im going to change it either back to Rubi or get another (2)Map in there. Next (4)Map after this one will be different. I think, if Nazca gets good criticism again, then i'll add it perminently to the mappool and add another map altogether.
why should anyone waisting his time playin these's like flirting with you grandma..

it's more fun playin with your dog(if you have one).
Why would anyone waste their time to make a rude post like that?

It's more fun masturbating (if you can).
is this knowledge or experience?
Grief_Stricken why are you here? Why do you comment? Why are you a fuckin' ass? No life maybe? Oh wait! Are you a hater? What is the purposes of your post? To piss ppl off? Or to make you look more like an ass everytime you type a word?
"knowledge or experience?" aren't they the same thing?
@nightmajoo no,that's for sure.knowledge is a trueness wich is anytime revisable.when you talk about experience,you talk always about someones,'s always personal.experience have to do with causality,with factors like your experience you know that evry morning the sun will shine.and after so many years this is for you a truth - given by your experience.but one day it comes to a solar eclipse and your "truth" collapse.knowledge is always right it doesnt depends on factors like "in case of this...happens that".

@nasty you should ask yourself all these wanna know the purpose of my first comment?the point is,a tourney is a fine thing so long it make's not fun at all playin those old maps again and again!but you obvious like such crap,like reading a book 100x,or viewing a movie 1000x.make a tourney with interesting maps and no one have a problem.

why i'm here,because i try to find some good new pieces worthy to be played.and why are u here?
if you just wanna play the old crap,you already have what you want.
these maps are only a few months old. nd they certainly arent old to nonbwmners. nd they def arent crap.

im here to be a part of a community that i share interest with. i am an acmin here, trying to help promote maps nd i think im doin a pretty damn good job at it. all u seem to do is create arguments over nothing. and this isnt any different
why the hell do you guys respond to grief? 3rd time i have to ask you guys to ignore him. no1 cares about his stupid posts. look at the gosugamers posts, only a couple negative ones within around 40.
yay TiQ.Shark. has won :D

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