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Avaton Tournament-0223 of February 2007 03:04 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Avaton Tournament on the 23rd!

This Friday the Avaton Tournament will be back again! Third week running with a new map to show!.

This week, we are adding a new featured BWM.N map, GG-Avaton. The other featured map this week will be GG-Undying Lands. Since GG-Nazca has had good feedback, we will permanantly add it to the mappack but will not make it mandatory to play on it.

Tournament Starts: 19:00 CET Friday (23rd)
Server: Europe
Channels: Op GosuGamers1, Op GosuGamers2

Suggested Map Pool:
(3)Tau Cross

BWM.N Map Pool:
(4)Avatar - by LostTampon
(2)Undying Lands - by NastyMarine

The tournament is single elimination and will be comprised of Best of Three's. The final will be a Best of Five. This set-up is mandatory.

Best of 3's:
Match 1: map
Match 2: Loser's choice of map
Match 3: Loser's choice of map

Best of 5:
Match 1: map
Match 2: map
Match 3: Loser's choice of map
Match 4: Loser's choice of map
Match 5: Loser's choice of map

A mappack link for these maps is listed as the second link below. It will include the stated maps above and the map pictures. would like to ask any who participate to please save replays from the featured BWM.N Maps so they can be reviewed to see any imbalances.

Upload GG-Nazca replays here:

Upload GG-Undying Lands replays here:

Upload GG-Avatar replays here:

(copied from Nasty's gg-post)

hope you don't mind that I posted it nasty ;)

These tournaments are so nice, they seem to attract some attention to our maps, and spam bwm all over gosugamers' front page^^
I wish more replays got to here though; should make a bwm launcher where you type /bwm at the beginning and it will automatically save the rep and upload it for you on this site :) That's not unrealistic actually, reXlporer finds out all in the info in reps when you hold the mouse over the rep file, and pp saves your reps for you, and wasn't there something for wgt or something that uploaded your reps for you too? I think it's an idea worth trying, most of these players probably use pp already, using bwml (bwm launcher) wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for them, and we could use it for ourselves too. idk how it would work but someone should try it :D
oh and Avatar FTW
and Fighting!~
copy and paste ftw :P

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