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Featured Map of the Week!17 of July 2005 02:37 PM
Posted by:Listoric

What is a FMOTW? It`s one of the best maps in the database and get`s a special mention here on the newspage! Our first FMOTW is Space Pirates from Starparty. This map is absolutely one of the best looking maps i've ever seen. But that`s not all! It combines newer tactical ideas, like blocking a route with mineralpatches, as well as classic gameplay with startpoints on higher ground and the natural expansion in front of the choke. On this fast paced map, you have to take your choke very quickly to survive an early attack and you have to be careful with expanding afterwards. Great map!

Visit the first FMOTW on here: (2)Space Pirates

or download it right away: Melee Observer Picture

And for all who already know our database and have suggestions for the next FMOTW, just visit our Forum or simply click on this Link

So, next news. After having some trouble with protected pro maps, i updated the Database with all missing pictures. Some of the pictures for the protected maps are from, thx a lot. There are just two maps left, where the pics are just widened screencaptures from the minimap, maybe if someone has the missing pictures, my mail is :)

Ah, and don`t forget the tournament tomorrow ;)



n1 idea, but every time space pirates is really boring. in the 1st tournement, in the 2nd and as fmotw is just TOO MUCH
I decidd to choose Space Pirates, because some of us already know this map, the reactions on the map are great and it deserves to be the first MOTW. As you said, it`s played here a lot, because its a good map ;)
i know its an very good map and one of the bests in this DB, but this DB has almost 200 maps and its just boring to see one map of 200 3 times [hintereinander]. and motw is nonsense if u present maps everyone knows alrdy. for what u present the map then? u should better choose a map that is a bit more unknown but still good.
mal auf deutsch, damit ichs besser erklaeren kann:
ich sage nicht in irgendeiner weise, dass dies eine unverschaemtheit ist oder so, ich meine nur, dasses ein wenig doof ist, bei einer grossen DB, die schon knapp 200 maps hat bei 3 sachen jeweils die selbe map immer wieder zu nehmen. mir ist klar, dass diese map eine der besten ist, aber eine motw aktion ist eigentlich dazu gedacht, neue maps zu presaentieren und nicht um eine bereits vorhandene nochmal zu zeigen, da sie einfach gut ist - die map ist bekannt und das wird jeder ja wohl auch so schon wissen.

seht dies bitte nicht als runtermacherei oder so, sondern eher als gut gemeinte kritk / als verbesserungsvorschlag :)
Ok, i edited the news to prevent further misunderstandings :o) Any other comments?
Well, in the first tourney it was just to test the script and only four players, that's nothing.

And it is the first motw, as discussed. If possible there should be a motw...every week. So there the other maps will get their chance.
hintereinander : in a row


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