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Finnished maps18 of July 2005 12:04 PM
Posted by:Starparty
As we all have been noticing, many maps in the beta database is good enough to be finnished. I believe we should start thinking of moving those maps to final. I will post comments in the map comment section when i believe a map is finnished, but the final call is the authors. If he/she is not satisfyed with the map, ofcourse we can let it stay beta to give it more feedback. That is why i wont move them myself. But for all of those of You who have uploaded your maps (and still care about them) and believe they are finnished, write so in your map comment section or in the forum (actually, i'll make a separate thread, so post in the forum, it's easier to see) And we'll start thinking about making it final.

As long as the author plans on changing it, it is not final. Well most posters dont really pay attention to this though.
my point :P
my point :P

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