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PsiStorm Fun Night - The Begining!!!29 of November 2007 12:26 AM
Posted by:LGI with kind support from and , present you:

At last! A gaming night, where nothing special is needed for a brood war game, except your good mood!!!

What is "PsiStorm Fun Night"?

Every week we will have one of those nights, where people from all around the globe, will gather to play every type of mode like: Free For All, Team Melee, Capture the Flag, Use Map Settings and more, also with some other special nights where we will play some fresh MODs for SC: BW, present it by community. We are also thinking of some other ideas, which we will reveled in near future. As for now we are thinking of making a concept for each night, where we will play a specific map/mode/MOD. First few weeks, admins will make the concepts for those nights. After that a pool will be made, and users will vote for their favorite map/mode/MOD.

At the moment we are working on PsiStorm TV, so hopefully we will be happy to see the most interesting games live in near future :) .

So lets don't waste more time... Here is the information for our first night!

Date: 01.12.2007
Start: 21:00 CET
End: Last man standing in front of his monitor :)
Server: Europe
Channel: Psi
Mode: Free For All
Map: (7)Seven Sins

An incredible map made by Testbug from! It's hard to give a comment for a 7 players map, and in this case it's even harder, because everything seems random, but... Not really... A lot of people will say "IMBA", but for a map like this, it surly needs a lot of testing to be able to say what is imba, and what not. In our case, we don't really care if it's imba. The most important is that every game on this map should give us really different, intresting and fun games! And thats what we need! I am really looking forward for this one! We already played it in FFA mode, and I REALLY CAN'T WAIT any longer for a mass gaming on this baby :D . Special extra thanks to Testbug, for his kind support by making an observer mode version of the map, where when you are eliminated, you will be given vision of all players!

You also might like to see the map threat and comments here.
You can download the melee version here, the observer version here and please give a credit to Testbug by uploading some of your own replays for this map here.

See you all soon!

Feel free to edit the newspost... I know my english is bad :) .
ohhh thankkKK youuU LGIII :D
ppl sayd this was only my "mapr for fun" :(
Well most of the community are saying "imba", and the only way to make them play this map is like this... Well thats in FFA mode, i don't know about 1v1 :) .
How do you edit your posts?
Blizzard wishes they could map like Testbug. :3
aw I have a conflict of schedules, cant make it
i'll be there :)
no one is there, only 3 people :(
how about making a channel where ppl would alwais gather for games of all type? on one server, anytime, for anykind of games? :D
Yeah give us a bot...
"how about making a channel where ppl would alwais gather for games of all type? on one server, anytime, for anykind of games? :D"

Community is too small :(

Sorry I missed this event, didn't know about it :X I WILL BE THERE FOR NEXT ONE THOUGH :O
Fated, ever heard of op bwmn on europe, hm? -.-
WHAT??? op bwmn??? :S

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