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King of the Hill 01 ended10 of February 2008 03:40 AM
Posted by:Starparty

Well as everybody guessed Nightmarjoo was totally completelly ridiculously owned in the first round of KotH. There isnt much to say really. Lets hope there will actually be more fighting and less steamrolling in the next round!

A new opponent for Lancet will be selected when i feel like it. Keep your eyes open for the next

King of the Hill


Most amazing picture ever. I don't care if I lost, I'm in that picture!

I hate jungle maps btw :(
Good picture, but I really don'thave those muscles, LOL, and the competition was much more congenial than you imply!

As to "more fighting and less steamrolling", listen, I did not upload Shrine of Kelehmar (SOK) 10 plus days before the deadline to give Nightmarjoo an advantage. I uploaded it so early so it could participate in the MOTM that just finished. And you know how many points it got?

IT GOT 1 POINT (thank you Fated!).

By comparison the first, second and third places, Odyssey, Rise of Teotihuacan and Hillfire got 33, 25 and 22 points. Even other maps that did not win anything got more points than mine. So you see SOK, which probably some people here regard as my best map so far was, by this standard pretty pathetic itself.

So I am in theory pretty easy to steamroll, LOL!

I will try to put up a fight but I am not sure how many "seconds" I will survivenext time.
lets all give FateD's next map 1 score :P
epic pic xD
I wanna be the next. Want to have a reason to make maps again :D
Who needs your maps?
"Want to have a reason to make maps again"

Are you saying I would be your "muse"? LOL!

: ^ )
sign me up for this comp.
i wanna 2
No, I just wanted to say that I dunno why I should make a new map 8[
take me!!
That picture is amazing.
ScoutWBF, tktkvroom, Crackling, RadiX....
Lancet can do it fine vs last 2 or 3 of this, but Scout is like an ancient power :)
thanks ;(. Let us fight, and see what happens!
I think Lancet is so different type of mapper, that I can't compare him to anyone. Lancet is so experimental mapper, that I don't know if he is good at balancing etc... But with experimental maps Lancet is one of the best. (Btw gj for winning, Lancet. Better map won ;))
hey starparty, this was funny. plase hurry up! ScoutWBF, tktkvroom, Crackling and RadiX wants to play koth!

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