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Site member fee will help promote maps01 2009f April 2009 05:04 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Site member fee will help promote maps

Broodwarmaps admins Nightmarjoo and Starparty have together sealed a deal with Team Liquid administrator Plexa to help promote custom made broodwar maps. A new broodwarmaps member fee will help secure our maps in the current major foreign StarCraft leagues.
- We have very high expectations on this collaboration, says Starparty.

Basically, a yearly member fee from broodwarmaps users will help promote custom made maps and secure their usage in the major foreign leagues, such as ICCup. The fee is not requested from every member on BWMN, but in order to be able to compete in site competitions, such as Map of the Month, a 10$ fee needs to be payed once every year.
- The deal is quite simple, says Starparty. To add your map into the MOTM map pool and competing for the winning title you need to pay a yearly 10$ fee. This fee enables you to enter the next 12 competitions as soon as your payment has been accepted.

The money will be used to pay league managers to incorporate BWMN user maps into their leagues.
- We have already established contact with TeamLiquid administrator Plexa with promises of BWMN maps used regularly in TLS for the moderate amount of 250$ per tournament, says Starparty. This might be a real upswing for the foreign custom broodwarmap community. 250$ shared over the entire member pool of BWMN is basically nothing. It’s like paying 25$ each or something.

Plexa was hooked on the idea emediatelly as it was presented to him.
- If you want your ad in the local newspaper you obviously have to pay for it. I see no difference here.

Broodwarmaps is also on the verge of settling an agreement with ICCup. By doing this, BWMN will also be able to try out more experimental concepts since the payment guarantees the map stays in the pack for the entire tournament´, unless the stats favour one race with more than a 70>30 ratio in the first 500 games.
- ICCup map pack will, according to this agreement, slowly but surely adjust until it's 50-50 for korean-bwm maps, says BWMN administrator Nightmarjoo. We believe we can achieve this for a sum less than 750$. I mean, this isn’t really something new. How do you think Faoi got into the map pool?

Team Liquid veteran CharlieMurphy, also known as SpoR[MeCh] on is very enthusiastic to the coming collaborations.
- Great, I might finally see Blood Bath v42.567 in the ICCup map pool!

To pay your member fee to be able to compete in the BWMN MOTW competition, please send 10$ in a sealed envelope with your username on it to: Paul-Gabriel “Panschk” Müller, Blitzkriegstrasse 42, O-1155 Berlin.

Some of the money *might* also go to up the BWMN site design slightly. Developers are currently experimenting with a jungle theme.


lol nice, but a lil bit too unrealistic :D
I'm so pumped for this
Not the best joke XD. I prefered the Terratron.
Great news starparty!

The adress is wrong though. I moved to Wolfensteinstraße 88 in 1945 Goebbelhausen.

On an unrelated note, nobody tried to trick me at work, and the web-sites I visited today were mostly gimmick-free. April first is not what it used to be:/
Nice job Starparty. I usually make one myself, I'm glad you made one.

"Team Liquid veteran CharlieMurphy, also known as SpoR[MeCh] on is very enthusiastic to the coming collaborations.
- Great, I might finally see Blood Bath v42.567 in the ICCup map pool!"
Love that line.
april fools? if not im leaving this site D:
You guys had me going for the first 3 paragraphs or so. I was really upset :p

Nice one Starparty !

lol we do this every year, I dunno how anyone takes it seriously even for a second, especially since it's on April Fools day.

Remember the one I did two years ago, involving "an obsure Australian man who can't speak English" ? lol

Frankly $10 a year is pretty good imo :D
i hate you, when i saw "a 10$ fee needs to be payed once every year." i really took it seriously and thought "eeeeeeeeeh???"

basiaclly the guy who cleans the toilet pays the rich guy in this story. pathetic
oh now i just read we earn money when they use it in TSL am i right?
so basically its a payin of 10 and if ur money is good u earn money?

btw ever heard of pay pal?

anyhow i think its stupid that we gotta pay 10$ tournaments doesnt have payin with real money, stupid i wont enter this if i gotta pay for it first
oh right its 1st april, i still dont care even if its a joke ^^

u guys r funny guys xd
im such a jackass for not realising this in the start. i took u for fools now i am the fool :D
hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaa XDXDXD
"I moved to Wolfensteinstraße 88 in 1945 Goebbelhausen"

i love you starparty!
...oh and i finished my homework!!! ;)
I was about to get deported
rofl morrow
Holy shit, I didn't notice the post date, and I was thinking "DEAR GOD THIS COULD BE THE DOWNFALL OR TRUE SUCCESS OF BWMN!"

We should change this, I'm thinking visitors will get scared once the screen loads and be like: "Why would i join this site, to get ripped off $10 a year? lol?"

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