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Nightmarjoo Random Map Competition #318 2009f July 2009 04:34 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Inspired by Starparty's competitions years ago, I present the third Random Map Competition hosted by Nightmarjoo! It's been a while since we've had one of these, but I think we're more than overdue.

This competition's theme and focus will be on asymmetry. That is to say, maps which are purposefully not symmetrical. This does not mean the maps should be massively positionally imbalanced, but positional variety is key here. Ideally you're trying to make it as positionally balanced as possible while at the same time trying to make the different starting locations and other aspects of the map as different from eachother as possible.

  • Map must have 5, 6, or 7 players.
    Normally maps with these player numbers are hard to make when attempting to have some degree of symmetry and positional equality. Since we're throwing that out, these maps should be more fun to make.
  • Map can be any tileset except space (and installation).
    Space tileset is ugly. I would exclude Ash too, but lava and magma are both so pretty.
  • Tile editing is not only allowed, but encouraged.
    Tile editing, copy/pasting etc is vital to using the terrain to suit your needs best. Your map should be limited by your abilities and effort, not by the constrains of your editor.
  • Neutral units, buildings, and spells, are allowed, but do not use in excess; only as needed.
  • Mineral blocks (walls/obstacles created by minerals) with values over 0 are not allowed. Using stacked 0-value blocks is allowed.
    Old fashioned mineral blocks are simply not as useful as stacked 0-value blocks except in rare instances. The only exception to this rule is if you are using an expo's mineral formation to block a path, then I highly reccomend using minerals with more than 0 value ;)
  • Fantasy style maps, while not forbidden, are discouraged. I want to see your own work, not a collage of others' work.
  • Try and maintain decent pathing whenever possible.
    This goes with using neutrals as needed, sparingly, subtly. Even if these maps are not required to maintain nearly the same standards as conventional competetive melee maps, you do want to make sure the map is not too annoying to play on.
  • Try to make the maps playable in both free for alls and team matches (2v2, 3v3). While not as necessary, try to also keep the map playable to some degree in standard competetive 1v1 play.
    For the last part, mostly I'm saying don't make too crazy of a map. If the map is completely unplayable in 1v1, it's likely to be annoying to play on in an ffa or a team match.
  • Acceptable map sizes can use the dimensions: 96, 112, 128, but 112 can't be the largest dimension (or map will crash).
  • Island or semi-island maps are not allowed. You may of course use islands in your map, but the emphasis should be on ground-based play. The most islandish your map should get is Andromeda-esque.
  • Maximum of three contributions per mapper
    I don't want to discourage mappers from experimenting with different ideas here, so if you're not sure exactly which idea you think is your best, upload both!
  • Map must be submitted by 23:59 EST August 3rd. This gives you two weeks and a third weekend to make your maps. No exceptions will be made to this deadline unless we have fewer than three maps made by that time.
    Judging could take anywhere from a day to weeks depending on how many maps are submitted

    I will be the sole judge, and the judging will be entirely subjective. At the same time, there are things I'll definitely be looking for in a map:
  • Allocation of space, space management
    If the first thing I notice when I look at your map is "wasted space", you probably aren't going to win.
  • Positional balance
    As silly as this sounds for a competition like this, the degree of positional balance is important. By this I mean, you shouldn't have any one position clearly superior to another inherently. You also should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each position against all the other positions. Some degree of positional imbalance is not only acceptable, but expected. Even (4)rotationally symmetrical pro maps have scenarios where it's easier on one position in a particular positional situation.
  • Decoration
    This shouldn't be a problem for most people. A well-decorated map is better than the same map if it's undecorated. Attention to detail is important here. Just pay attention to avoiding straight lines, not having bland or blank areas of terrain, and use doodads intelligently. Just look at modern pro-maps for tips here if you need any. You do not need to use any custom doodads or tile editing, but you are allowed to use them. Avoid bad looking tile editing though. For example, in Longinus there are jungle terrain tiles which appear "cut off" by the ramp tiles by them and it looks bad/out of place. Avoid this.
  • Comfort
    This means don't make the mains too small, or the distance from main2nat too long, etc.
  • Gameplay
    How fun is your map to play? That is, how strategically diverse and varied is your map's gameplay? Does one build rule them all (and in the darkness bind them) or is it obvious anything would work here? (the latter is the ideal).

    (7)Seven Sins by Testbug. This fits the competition absolutely perfectly.
    (4)Spring by Lancet. Aside from having only 4 players, this map would be perfect for the competition.
    Un'Goro Crater by [Ragnarok]Valkyrie. The center of this map is asymetrical.

    Um, you get a nice long news post talking about your map :D I will try to host a tournament using these maps depending on the interest level in playing on them. The tournament could possibly be a ffa tourney, or maybe a 2v2 tourney, we'll see. I can't make any promises now, because I can't guarantee anyone would show up to play.

    This competition is about making fun maps for fun games, not meant to be the next iccup MOTW. Don't get too stressed out when making your map. At the same time, make the map with the best of your ability. Feel free to try ideas and concepts you could never use in a normal 1v1 map.

    Happy mapping, and good luck.
  • Comments:

    If only I was actually half decent at making maps like these T_T. I'll try my best.
    Glad to hear :D
    wtf!? this is retarded, you're an idiot!!! :{D
    I'm in. I've got a great idea that I'm working on already, I only hope I can finish it. I'm doing it 144x144, and so far I have most of the upper half of the map filled. Deco is decent but I'll pimp it out after the whole layout is complete. My problem right now is trying to create a good amount of variation. I think I'm going to try and incorporate some of Lancet's blends to make more interesting mains and such.
    Is it possible to get a 144x144 map without SC crashing?
    According to NMJ's post, a 144 dimension is allowed. Does it crash? If it does Im not aware. And my map is fucked if thats true.
    Fuck it does crash. Damn you NMJ and your misleading rules. :P

    Actually its my fault I should've checked first. Ill see if resizing doesnt kill it.
    Ok so 128 width by 144 height works however the minimap had problems with 144x128. I dont know if this was isolated due to my map or what but 144x144 definitely doesn't work.
    I heard somewhere that you need one dimension to be a standard size. Basically have a 96 or 128 length side in one deminsion.
    Wait so we can't make mains island? Only expo?
    lol I didn't think anyone would start working on a map until later, I was planning on testing it later. I knew 112 worked fine, so I assumed 144 did too. But then, I've never seen 112x112 before.
    Nightie, I knew you that in in that tiny corner of the very, very, way down, bottom of your heart you liked my map "Spring"!

    I am not promising anything because I am ubber busy in the real world but I will try to give it a go.
    first line of my comment on the map was "it's ok", and from me, that's a lot :D
    Lancet you are the only man I know besides maybe Testbuggy who could really make something epic for this. I hope you do.
    Maps nearly done, Ill be uploading it soon. Still needs doodads/extra deco though.
    can maps be a combination of other maps?
    "Fantasy style maps, while not forbidden, are discouraged. I want to see your own work, not a collage of others' work."
    o shit I think I instantly orgasmed when you quoted me, be careful about that, gets messy :O
    wat are fantasy style maps?
    ****ING *****! I thought up of a really awesome map for this while I was sleeping. I forgot it T_T. DAMM YOU WHOEVER MADE ME FORGET IT!
    My 128x144 crashes on anything other than single player. I am sad. :C
    So 144 doesn't work at all? Sorry. I assumed that it would work since 112 works. I'd bet that a 192x144 would work, that 144 just can't be the biggest dimension since that's what the mini-map has to fit to.

    Editing rules.
    I have to remake my map for the third time if that's true.
    Hah sorry :(

    ...practice makes perfect, right?
    I guess it just gives me more practice on my execution. ;-;
    NMJ I don't suppose you could change the rules to allow 192x144/144x192? I really can't do this map I'm making with 128 and below, and since 144 can't be the largest dimension, I'm basically fucked. I've remade the map, oh, 6 times now? :C

    I don't know, I'll try to get it on a smaller size but it's going to cramp up the whole map and make it suck. I wish you guys could've seen it when it was 144x144, it was like 7sins on steroids. :C
    192 makes the minimap too hard to look at =/
    I'll look into it I guess, we'll see.
    this comp is fail :(

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