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Drive-By-Admin27 2009f December 2009 07:44 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Hello People,

I dread the boredom of new year's eve for a nerd with no social life like me (I'm exagerating a bit here, but still), so I need something to do while everyone else is getting hammered.

If you have some issues that bother you about the site and can be adressed without much effort by coding, please let me know in the comments. I will try to fix that stuff between now and january 4th. Then I'll be gone doing something else again:D

By the way, I just got rid of a lot of domains I did not use for a long time. I also cancelled, because I realised I would not have the determination and motivation to make it work anyway. I will make a backup of the code and the database. I'm sorry for the time some of you "wasted" in a project that never got finished.

If you like the domainname, it should be up for grabs a few weeks from now. Just so you know:D

A happy and healthy 2010 to all of you,


(edit: I confused the two domain names. will still exist. Sorry for the confusion)

happy new year panschk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay, this is what i should do:

once you upload map pic, it should be redimentioned to a width of 768 if it's width is bigger than it's height, or to a height of 768 if it's width is less than it's height (a square picture like a 128x128 map will be redimentioned to 768 x 768 because it's wifth is not bigger than it's height).

if you have never worked with images files at php, you can try the GD library, i think you can use the fuction imagecopyresampled() if you want to redimention it with interpolation and imagecopyresized() if you don't.

if you do this, then the GMCS will work with all the maps!

rename the pictures with the mapid.jpg please!!!
if i upload a map, for example, lost temple, and upload it's picture as 1.jpg, and then upload another map with the same picture name, the lost temple map will have the new jpg file!! u.u

you can fix this buy changeing the name of the picture when uploding it to the host, because the mapid is the kay of the maps table, there won't be 2 JPG files with the same name.

and to fix all the old maps that have names like "a.jpg" and "map.jpg" you can tell your php to rename the jpgs in the host by listing all the maps, selecting it's map picture name and it's mapid, and telling the php to repleace name with the mapid.jpg.

improving the searching system?
when i'm looking for a 2 players badlands map, and i open a map description, when i click on previous/next, it'll be nice to go to the next 2 players badland map, not to the next mapid map.

is it possible to add a link, at the maps descriptions where you see the preview, the melee link, the observer link, the author, etc. add a link that says "sexy searching tool" and when you click there, tell the php to add the html code of the "map DB" header??

so in the map description you can pick the number of players, tileset, etc, and then, when you click NEXT, or PREVIOUS (the greater than and less than things) it'll go to the next mapid that matches the maptype, tileset, number of plyers, etc :D

then the link changes to "hide the sexy searching tool, i had enough" and when you click on it, it goes back to normal :D

add NEXT/PREV links to the competitions, when i am, for example, at motm10 and want to check motm9, it'll be nice just to click prev and load the same page but with another parameter... the competition id! lol
modified by testbug
fuckkk, there are not "edit" or "invisible" buttons in the comments of the news??? then...

add "edit" and "invisible" buttons to the comments we post at the news :D
For a nerd with no social life you're not contributing very much to bwmn ;)

Good suggestions by Testbug, they also pretty much come in the correct order of importance.

I just noticed this in the news header:
27 2009f December 2009 07:44 PM
I wonder what that "f" is doing there.
the theme can be done better and more organized
have a happy new year. hope all is well.
Good suggestions testbug.

Hey panschk, can you code a feature that forces people to make more maps, edit more maps, and test more maps?

I was just going to use the non-integral aspect of motm to do motw if that's what we decide on doing, but if you can think of a way to make motw a little neater without replacing motm (cuz I think we'd still be doing motms, but with motw sub-competitions). I don't think anything needs to changed here, but if you have any ideas feel free to implement them.

Panschk is gosu, as always; glad to know bwm is still in the back of your head!
Oh, I thought of something.

The competitions disappear too quickly, and I have to manually edit their ending date to the day before today to make them reappear. This is strange. They seem to disappear about a week after they "end", but that "end" date is just the end of adding maps which begins a few weeks of voting time. Is this week left-over from the original MOTW? If you want, instead of just making this date longer, could you add an admin feature "close contest" which would make it disappear from the front page, and all competitions would remain up until they were "closed" ?
Happy New Year to All!

I don't hang out around here a lot anymore but thinking back I have arrived to the conclusion that one of the things that this web-site would have benefited from is a "download counter" that would let the mappers know how many times their maps have been downloaded by someone.

Just a thought.

thos download counters doesn't work.
just click, click, click, click it.
(like when you voe 10 for your map, and then it says 300 people has voted for your map, but it was only you).

i used to vote 0 for Radix map, so it has an average of 0.01 points :P i clickec, clicked, clicked the "rate this map" button :D

maybe spines or panshck knows how to block that.
maybe afther the first click, you toogle a switch that disallow the button to work again :S
who's the guy in the picture?
Nightmarjoo's panschk
apologize him, he is kinda new so he may not know panschk^^
hi panschk
toastbug, did you do that to my maps? xD
So bwmn or mapcraft is getting deleted xD
mapcraft is being deleted
Oh I got another thing. We have a fair few maps that contain ramps to copy/paste or other terrain stuff, can a new map-type be added "utility" ? Would be nice for organization and convenience without being too complicated I think.
you have to do something to bring this site back to life.. every year less maps are uploaded.. the motw's start on time but don't finish six months later.. :/
Thank you all for your feedback.

Testbug has some pretty good ideas, I like. I just downloaded the source code and will start doing some work soon. I also have some pretty urgent tasks for my paid work to do, so I won't be able to focus on BWMN only in the days to come (unlike I initially planned). So it will probably take me a week or two to deliver anything useful.

I will only do stuff that is pretty trivial to implement and most importantly where there is no risk of breaking much already working stuff. So I can change the uploading of pictures, but I prefer not to do bulk-renaming of the existing map-pictures.

Remember that I wrote the code when I was young and had no clue, so it's not really a pleasure to work with:D It would have been great if I had done it the right way back then, but I didn't know any better.

As for the site being more and more inactive: Isn't that somewhat to be expected, as BW gets older and SC2 is approaching? If it goes totally inactive in a few months it wouldn't be so bad. We had some nice years and together assembled a pretty awesome collection of fine BW maps.
The database should stay online for many years, hopefully you can show your first maps to your grandkids one day:D
yeah but by the time we have grandkids SC 3 will be out xD
and motm 8.2009 won't be posted yet
I did some changes today:

- mappics are renamed to mapid.jpg and are all resized to 768 width.
- there is motw in the menu again..
- new map type utility (I hope I didn't forget any places where I had to change it)

The code is really horrible. I guess I can learn a lot from the mistakes I made some years ago...:)
okay, being serious, Panschk, if you don't rename the old jpg files there CAN be problems....

for example :)
what happens if the key of your maps table is like
0001, 0002, 0003, etc. and there are only 99 maps (so there are keys from 0001 to 0099)

and yesterday, or the last month, or the last year, a guy uploaded a pic names 2010.jpg because he was thinking in the new year!
when we start adding more and more maps, once we reach the map number 2009, if we upload another map (and it's id will be 2010) if your php renames the file to 2010.jpg the old map with the 2010.jpg file will get fucked, and it's author will be very sad :P

we don't know your map ID keys, but we have a lot of maps named like 000001.jpg or map001.jpg and n9ret945769.jpg!!! so there is a posiblility of being fucked again if you don't rename the old files.

pleasee, addd "edit" and "invisible" buttons to the commens of the news so i can edit my mistakes here!!! coments like this1 cannot be modified!

Admins can't edit this comments so if nasty gets hacked again, and his account starts uploading porn to we won't be able to edit it!!!!
the specific case you describe can not happen, because the pics are (I should have done that much earlier) placed in a directory "pics" now. There will always be a 1-to-1 relationship between mapDB-entries and pictures now.

There were probably already many cases of overwriting pic names, but if that happened in the past, I can't change it now anyways..

[The key of the maps table is the mapid. pics goto pics/[ID].jpg and thumbnails to map_thumbnails/pics/[ID].jpg. There is also a "tmp" directory to upload the pics to before they get resized. The files there will get overwritten all the time.]
so now the site resizes my pictures and makes them .jpeg whenever i upload a map ?
yes. If you want to make poster-sized map pictures, post them somewhere else.

I recently saw a 16MB BMP map picture on the server. Who the hell does that shit?:P
i love youy panschk
fuckkk we need an "edit" button here!!! :P
*I love you panschk

Hi. *test*:-)
modified by panschk[FP]
two changes:
- added "edit" and "invisible" in news comments
- you can now explicitly open and close competitions (in the admin menu). the buggy calculation of dates to display the competitions is not needed anymore.

Unless there is something really urgent to do, I'm done with my changes. Redoing the design or the advanced search options that testbug requested would take me more time than I want to invest:D
modified by panschk[FP]
LOL, hi panschk[FP]!!!!
thank you for the changes :D

if you happen to have some free time, could you please fix the dates at the news?
it says "27 2009f December 2009 07:44 PM"

spinesheath wonders what that "f" is doing there?
hope im not being picky here but can you fix the under the News it has 'new account' and 'list users' and change to 'New Account' and 'List Users' and do that for all the secton that start with lower case letters. thanks

and are u you going to be changing cahnnel design if so how r u going to do it.
Awesome, thanks panschk.
panschk you ever thought about making a new web design for the site.. not that i don't like this one it's awesome but just to freshen up things a bit =]
like an ice or a jungle or a desert or a badlands or a ash version xD
modified by LasTCursE

Because of heavy spam on the map comments, it is needed to be logged in to post. We are sorry that this has to be done because nothing else stops spam bots
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