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BlizzCon Mapcontest!23 of July 2005 01:57 PM
Posted by:Starparty
Im gonna make this short cause im too excited myself to start making a new map and not writing a long newspost. The public makes the maps for BlizzCon invitational! links here -> Submit YOUR map!

Cool, I'll read through that asap.

One little thing SP: When having an external link, it would be better to use <a href='..' target='_blank'>

so the link opens in a new window.

Thx for the information, I would have missed it.
Map must be newly created for BlizzCon. Any map found previously published will be disqualified. Don't use customized tilesets, terrain, or doodad elements.

Does that mean that SP has lost ? T_T

I assume wide bridges etc are "customized terrain", isn't it?
guess so, but why would i have lost? if you were refering to me or space pirates, iono. I do have made a new map just now to enter the competition though. Its not a remake, but a sequel to Storm. I think the ramp and expo behind main will be interesting aspect when pro's use it.
Okay, your output is so big that nothing can harm you^^

I think I will send green hell2 for sure. And some other map, not sure which one I'll chose.
Green hell is kinda funny since it seems so extreemly unbalanced for -all- races, actually.. so it might even come togheter in the end, what do i know :p
I've already made a map based on WoW terrain, blizzard will eat that shit up. I'm Either going to make another map or use one of my older maps, Slayer spiral or Outland Illusions revamped.
Oh yea, If I post my map here does that mean I can't put it in the map contest or what?
I don't think blizzard will check this page to make sure it has not been 'released' here. Theoretically, it is probably not allowed, but I will take the risk^^
quote by nvnplatypus @

Maps just posted on a forum thread for feedback won't be disqualified. Maps for leagues, previous map contests, existing very well known maps etc. will be.

Idea isn't to stifle ability to get feedback on maps, or 100% force creation of brand new maps, just to give BlizzCon a map set that is fresh and new.

Damn you starparty, you stole my Idea >.< made the map based off the barrens from WoW. you biter.
Your name
Starparty = Trcc
I know you are only allowed to use staredit for making the maps in this contest, but can you use staredit tricks to make buggy terrain? like the paste undo repaste place terrain doodad trick to make a square doodad? there is some other ones too, maybe i should ask blizzard..
and why the hell does blizzard ask for the SC cd key? Doesn't it say somewhere that blizzard will never ask this? plus this doesn't make sense:

"Each entrant shall submit up to three (3) maps.... . No more than two (2) submissions per entrant. In the event that an entrant submits more than two (2) submissions, or a submission that breaks qualification rules, that entrant will be disqualified. ..."

quoted from blizzards disclaimer

Which is it 2 or 3 maps each?
Aslo, they say that no purchase is nessecary. is it allowed to fake a cd key then?
3333-33333-3333 - Master key <3

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