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new BWMN map pack released07/27/2012 02:29 PM
Posted by: Freakling
BWMN map pack banner

The new BWMN map pack is out.
All these maps are approved to be bug-free and ready-to-be-played. You can grap the whole pack as a *.zip file either here on site (please observe the download instructions to open it) or here.

properties of the map pack:
  • Includes 6 maps, short descriptions and pictures can be seen below

  • There is a melee and observer version as well as a picture for each map.

  • All maps are protected and compressed for fast download.

  • For easier orientation observer versions are greyed out with only the maps blacked out for player slots

  • we are planning on running a tournament featuring those maps soon. We will inform you once there a definite date and time. For now you can have a look at the likely format of the tournament here

  • there will also be brief 101 tactics guides available for all the maps soon.

Featured maps:
(2)Resonance II
Author: Jungleterrain
(2)[BWMN]Resonance II
    map features
  • predominantly flat terrain and open middle
  • main choke can be blocked with only a barracks
  • short rush and scouting distance
  • threefold forked path in front of nat. each leading to a different expansion
  • overall many expansions to chose from
  • neutral command center, for Zerg to infest, in the centre
(2)Cross Game
Author: CrystalDrag
(2)[BWMN]Cross Game
    map features
  • low ground main into high ground natural layout
  • three main pathways to oponent, across the middle and over two plateaus north and south of it
  • safe 3rd gas clockwise from each nat
  • mineral only in front of natural
  • high ground gas expo in NW and SE corners, each having a droppable low ground clif behind
  • the lines of tree sprites between the mineral onlies and the middle block line of sight for all ground units
(3)Hazard Black
Author: Freakling
(3)[BWMN]Hazard Black
    map features
  • low ground main into high ground natural layout
  • natural backdor with normal sized ramps, initially it's blocked by two-by-two Zerg eggs that let only scarabs pass
  • safe gas expos at the edges halfway between the mains
  • open gas expansions in front of natural chokes with 6x1000 minerals and 2000 gas each
  • mineral only at backdoor
  • multiple interwinding pathways through the middle and along the sides offer room for flanking and counterattacks
Author: Freakling
    map features
  • low ground main into high ground natural layout
  • east and west halves are devided by a valley with four wide ramp passages crossing it
  • the geysers at the gas expansions at the north and south edges yield 2500 gas each
  • additional two choked gas expos between the nats at the east and west edges
  • multiple "force field" areas in the middle provide 50% cover for all ground units on them
Author: Jungleterrain
    map features
  • high ground mains with low ground naturals
  • relatively safe high ground 3rd gas with double sized ramp
  • open and cliffable mineral only between natural and 3rd gas expnasions
  • ring shaped ridges in front of the natural lead to an open middle
(4)Melting Pot
Author: BWMN (CrystalDrag, Freakling, Gnom, K_A, KinosJourney, Phobic)
(4)[BWMN]Melting Pot
    map features
  • high ground mains with low ground naturals
  • the natural choke is formed by double lava bridges (similar to Destination) that can make contains very strong
  • safe high ground gas expos with double sized ramps at the edges halfway between the mains
  • poor (5 mineral chunks) mineral only expansions close the middle
  • each players quarter of the map is separated from the others by a wide lava bridge about halfway in between...
  • and from the middle by chokes with permanent disruptions webs and line of sight blockers on them

Nice man good job, great post!
tactics guide?
You should release this on TL. Or I could for you if you want.
FYI you broke the layout of the front page with these pictures.... A lot of people are not gonna have monitors with resolutions this wide (1366p wide here, and my horizontal scroll bar is 2/3rds of the way across, when obv it shouldn't even be there).

You could fix it if you put no more than one picture per line, or if you made the pictures smaller ;p

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