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Design update03 of August 2005 12:50 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
In my opinion, the twilight-backgrounds look quite cool. With all those graphics, the loading time is longer of course. Do you think it is still fast enough even with modem? I don't want to make a DSL+ only page, like so many others on the net.

Another change is that after writing your first comment or forum post, you should not have to write your name everytime again. This is only for one session though, so if you write a comment a few hours after your last one, you would have to enter the name again. I hope that this works on most systems (everything involving cookies and sessions seems to be highly depending on the user's systems), it works on my PC at least.

The background looks fine to me. I noticed a slightly slower load time, but it was a matter of milliseconds. We need starparty and his shitty connection to decide on this.

The appearance of this site has improved a lot. Well done.
bastard ;(

what bg btw? :o

i saw the water in gmcs looked cool, but there is an error message there too wich you might wanna look into :o
and the name works for me, i stays! gw!

i think i made some new additions in the article btw if you havnt seen them yet
comment 1337! :D
I like it, even if it feels a bit strange writing on twilight background (like i'm in the editor and write letters on the ground?!) but it's cool. nice idea, fits great to the look of the page.
where is this bg? cant see any?
LOL haha now i see :) looks kinda neat !! :)
Could you make a table with cliff edge into water below every last table like the statistics shortcut menu for example? :) would perhaps rock :D The entire page can look like a sc map ;D
the menus and banner will need remaking also since they are a bit corrypted by stretching in like paint..
These comment sections should also be as wide as the newstable
This way it would be cruelly cool to change the design by time of year :) winter = ice, spring = jungle, summer = dessert, autumn = twilight or something
the map comments need separating by black lines too, like this thread and news
Oh, just noticed that the background is black twilight water (great!!)

As said, i'm already on a new design as well, and i think about implenting these backgrounds as well as the sugguestion from starparty with changing the design to fit the times of the year.

really like it!
I won't change the design this year anymore. Just so you know;)
it would only be like changing skins :P if you got all the images with same name as the ones in used in a folder, then replace the current images with that folder, the entire page would change appearance in 5 sek? :P
But the menu left and right as well as the banner would not fit with those other colors that well. If it's only changing two images, no problem;)
Well do a permanent menu design then or something.. btw, site visuals loads with no problem on my 56k
Now freaking spread the replies in thread out and bold peoples names so I can differentiate between them.
yeah, bold the names :P
The banner is too simple, it's boring to look at sorry to the one made it but i prefer more the ones panschk did before. I liked more the old colors / buttons. Maybe some1 know a good banner maker?
This banner owns the last ones. Yes, the execution will be better with time, but the last one is no way better than this. If you think that you are biased because of the map in the bg :P
Every page should use the entire space on the site, just like news and map db does. it doesnt look good with lots of unused space. (refering to this commentsection and everything regarding the comments)
Well, remember that I'm surfing with 1024*768. For me, it looks like all space is used. So just tell me on which pages the tables are not width=100%, then I can fix it faster.
this pages, all article pages - comments in articles are ok, but articles themselves are not 100%
replay page also
And i still want forum to be on this page, not in separate window :P
You still checking the updating article? im still updating it :o
In tournament creation you should make the signed players in alphabetical order so its easier to find them.
I mean all the butons banner look the same with the little blue thing in background of twlight terrain.. i think it could be better.. I like the water and terrain in comments/news but i just don't like the banner with those 2 squares on left and right
Listoric is away atm, cant really do anything anyway
When you click "5 newest replays" you should be directed to the map comments page, and not direct DL replay. I wanna know what map the replay is on, and i dont wanna search for it ;P
Feel free to post banner sugguestions at the forum page. I delivered the major graphics, but you can still submit everything you want, if panschk likes it, he will implement it.

i'm already on a new design, we wil see when it will be done and up (if panschk will eer update the design at all :P )

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