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Newest Updates + SCMdraft 2.001 of October 2005 04:52 PM
Posted by:Listoric

___Newest Updates___

Hey guys,

as you might have recognized, there were plenty of new maps uploaded the past days, and some of you might want to see what the comments on the recent maps looked like, so i wanted to remind you that you just have to click on Newest updates on the right hand side, to see the maps which were recently updated/commented on/replays added/GMCS infos posted or similar.

So don't panic ^^

___SCMdraft 2.0___

Also i wanted to inform you about a tool that made our life easier for a long time now, especially the UMS mappers out there, but the melee mappers as well.

scmdraft 2.0 from Suicidal Insanity

SI made a small update to his wonderful Mapeditor, a TrigEdit plugin to be found on the SCMdraft homepage -

Now, even setting triggers is easier and you don't have to use an extra tool or StarEdit for it anymore. Anyway, i also wanted to thank Suicidal Insanity for his almost everlasting project and his support for the mapping community in general. SI is always listening to our wishes and simply wants to create the best Starcraft Editor ever made, and he seems to be very successfull with that.

Just to give you some features:

- copy and paste of units/doodads/terrain with CTRL+C , CTRL+V
- Ctrl click to select current terrain type (Also jumps to selected tile in tileset indexed mode)
- Display of areas where minerals / start locations are not allowed
- Mineral type randomizer
- Ability to zoom out
- create perfect mapimages
- ...

SI told me some time ago, he would be proud if our users would use his editor to create the images on this page as well. Let's see what the future brings :)

I've you haven't downloaded it yet, then give it a try. It really is a great tool :)

Ok, that's enough for today, hope panschk fixes the strange disappearing competitions soon and maybe think's about enlarging our newest updates section ;) j/k

Have a nice day,



Just uploaded some graphics with better/smother details.
- banner
- logo
- buttonbackground
- navigation
- ...

Good night, sleep tight :)

Keep up the good work Listoric. And I didn't realize you could click the newest updates button. O.O

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