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Replay upload28 of June 2005 03:01 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I added a replay upload possibility. It is not easy to find right now (I will make an extra list for all replays an other day) that's why I tell where to find it. On the comments page to each map there is an option "upload replay of this map" at the right. If there are already replays for the map, they are displayed there, too. Of course, the script does not test if the replay has really been played on the map, but still you should only post replays for the right map.

Very nice panschk, keep it up ^^.
The replay upload feature should not be used for showing of your skill or anything like that. The replays shall be used to let people see the map in action and the strategies used by players.

I hope this feature will be used correctly otherwise I believe it may be removed. Checking all the replays would take to much time.
Well good replays>bad replays. I think that replays where extraordinary things happen (both players getting killed and trying to secure the win with a hand full of units great comebacks, rare units choices) are more interesting than just well executed standard games, even if it is on very hich level.

Well I don't want to see tons of LT replays, but some replays from ESGL (where Fallen matrix, crytic island ,etc are played) or cool games on any of the other maps would be cool. You don't have to watch every single one!-_-

Replays that just show you can't wallin at some position and are finished after showing that are not interesting to watch. So I would prefer real games over maptesting-game replays.

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