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New Admin - LGI + map Logo07 of November 2005 11:18 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
Update by:Listoric

LGI has been very active in the past weeks and so I decided to give him admin rights to allow him to make himself even more valuable for us. He is nearly 20 years old and from Bulgaria, and plays more custom maps than anyone else;)


+++ Update +++

Please rate every map with the points you think it should get. The more people rate, the more the rating is correct. A lot of great maps have no rating at all, while others have. If you want to, you can also look some old or random maps up, and rate them. Thx.

And here is the BWMN-Logo for our BWMN-Mappack. I will edit all pictures for the mappack. Just take a look at Shangri-La or Temple of Eden now.



We can start giving ourselves joke titles since seem to automaticly fill out different positions on the site :)
Custom Maps? You mean Use Map Settings maps?
no, custom maps :P dont confuse with the "custoM" names you use at :P
Gratz LGI :)
Thank you :)
Good luck on the new achievement, LGI!!
I also thought about an "honor icon" which says "recommended map" or "motw" or something, but i'm just not sure about that, after it would be a honor somehow, and maybe confuse people also. State your opinions maybe ^^
You mean the icon that shows in battle net when you click on a game to join, and see details, you see for example an icon of Blizzard in front of the original Lost Temple. Is this is the icon that we are talking about? If it is, it's a great idea! But i don't know how to do that... Once i see an icon with a "Golden Cup", but i forget the name of the map...
ups ^^ meant the BWMN mappack at first. all the recommended maps should have this logo also, but the mappers should paste it by themselves. If they are not able to do so, because they have no idea how, then i could do this, wich would be a hell lot of work, and just slowly done. Also the maps should be considered "absolutely" finished. In any other case it wouldn't make sense. ^^
Hehe LGI, no, you can't create THAT icon you are talking about, just click on the links in the thread and you know what i'm talking about.
About the logo i get it. But when i read something about icons i remind of something else... Nevermind, thx.
oh yeah, my fault, obviously i was using the wrong term, sorry for that. ^^ i mix icon and logo very often :)
Congratulations :)
An admin that votes 0 on maps for no reason? Congratulations you just made a mistake!

Oh and the logo looks very nice!
I vote 0? On wich map? Look i only vote on maps that i've played and show replays. I still haven't play on your maps.

P.S. My lowest vote was 5.

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