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MOTW 4615 of November 2005 04:22 PM
Posted by:Listoric

We are late this week, lots of work to do actually. But we never forget our baby, here is our Map of the week 46!

This map has gone through a lot of changes since the first version, and LGI never gave up to improve it step by step. The map is called Wizzy Noise and it is a very interesting Snowmap with lots of backdoors, uncommon expansions and paths. And for that, a worthy MotW!

I decided this map as being MotW after it is just a really good map, hard to play, with lots of nice tactics, something different somehow, AND, to honour especially the hard work and static improvement of LGI as a mapper himself. As his own map, he improved a lot and i bet, that he won't stop doing so in the future!

Enough talk, just grab your copy (i love that slogan ;) as a meleemap download here or look up the mappage and drop a comment here.

Gratulations! :)


There are maps more art out there, but it plays really interesting :)

btw I did not see the custom "ramps" before at the top. Are they good, and will we hace trouble making an obs version? :D
Nice question, next question ^^ i think they are good, and could be made better even without sprites i think. maybe someone looks at it again. still its good and i saw more maps that lieterally "shit" on things like that (just take the 815 ramps, they look stupid but are good for gameplay)

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thx!!!!! :D A Lot!!!! :D

Well about the ramps, they are made by flothefreak. I already test, them. They don't do any trubles. I have to admid one thing. I am still not good at making this type of ramps. So i can't make them better... Mayby in near future, when i improve myself a little.

Thx, again for this. I've just return from very hard working day. It's 23:30 now... This give me back my good mood again :D . Thx!

hehe nice :]
Congratz LGI!
Congratulations. :)

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