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Mireille_VS_Technics - games 4, 509 of December 2005 05:52 PM
Posted by:flothefreak

Game #4

The 4th game between our two contestants took place on Summersky’s "Ode To The Sun", a 2-player map on jungle with a little "Korhal Of Ceres"-feeling.

"Ode To The Sun"

- by SummerSky

eye.Mireille was spawning again as chosen terran on the bottom position of the map while eSu.Technics started as zerg on the top position. The game started with a quite standard build at first, until Mireille decided to block his opponent’s natural with a depot, thus denying the zerg to put his 2nd hatchery there.

eSu.Technics had to react to that and was forced to place his hatch next to this depot apart from the mineral line, while Mireille went on for a 2-rax-build to mass marines. Technics did not bother and destroyed the depot with some lings so he could place the third hatchery to the normal mining spot at his natural. Both players now went for their gas sources and didn’t seem to intend playing aggressively.

This didn't last long and the terran moved out with an army of marines and some medics, going for the zerg’s natural expansion. Bad luck for Mireille, because it was defended heavily by sunkens and further on, Technics had already teched to lurkers. So the zerg succeeded in surrounding the terran bio-troops by flanking even before they could go for an attack of those sunkens. Having lost a large part of his entire army in this well-made trap, Mireille had to pull back and was literally pushed back by Technics incoming reinforcements of lurkers and lings, which killed with a nice lurker/ling-micro again a large part of the remaining terran troops, this time at their own natural.

But the game wasn’t over, because Technics couldn´t just overrun the well-made defence at the choke of the terran base, partly because of the vessels Mireille had now up his sleeve.
For eSu.Technics had used his pressure on his opponent to pull off an expansion at the 12 o’clock gas expo, Mireille floated now unnoticed a CC to the 3 o’clock expansion and went for minerals and gas there. The game was now more passive from both players, Mireille took his natural and Technics was contenting himself with massing units and sacrificing scout-lings every now and then.

The zerg player ended this stage of the game with a bold move: He took the gas-expansion at 6 o’clock- which is situated directly at the side of the terran natural expansion. After a half-hearted and failed attempt to kick this expo, eye.Mireille decided to make a frontattack on Technics’ natural. In the center, he managed with a nice use of Defense Matrix to minimize his losses against a large troop of lurkers/lings and thus won the fight clearly. But as the second wave of zerg units arrived, he was crushed and got almost overrun, but survived by mass-repairing the bunker he had built at his choke. Yet, he had been forced to lift his natural-CC and couldn’t land it anymore due to the zerg units waiting below. At this point, Technics scouted finally Mireille’s so long hidden expansion at 3 o’clock. Though he sent over a couple of lings to finish it off, the terran reacted wisely and was able to save most of his workers with a shuttle so he could lift his CC into the air and make it unreachable for lurkers and lings.

The game was on the egde for Mireille, who had now taken back his natural expansion and wanted to turn the tide to his advantage. Again, after a canceled attack on the 6 o’clock expansion, he moved out with all the troops he had, heading for his enemy’s mainbase. In the center of the map, eSu.Technics intercepted the terran and won this battle despite the good use of irradiate and the large bloodbath of lings created by the terran mm-force. In addition, all this didn’t bar the zerg from mass-dropping the terran mainbase with a lurker-ling-army parallely to the fight in the center of the map.

So eSu.Technics was able to equal the score between him and eye.Mireille and with the intermediate result of 2-2, the two players proceeded to the 5th match of the BestOfNine-series.

Game #5

The fifth game of the series took again place on the map "(2)Caribbean Dreams" (author: noname) due to the map rotation.

"Caribbean Dreams"

- by noname

At the second airmap-game of this encounter, the terran eye.Mireille spawned at top position, the zerg eSu.Technics on the bottom position. Both players went for a fast expansion before even starting their rax/pool. Then the strategies they were heading for parted heavily:
While the zerg player went for a very fast mutalisk-tech, the terran went 2rax, then adding another two, to 4rax-build. Building no dropships at all, he focused on making his main and natural safe from being attacked, and thus put defensive buildings to both, calling names: bunkers and turrets.

Seeing that his opponent played this passively, Technics dropped a drone onto the bottom left isle to expand while threatening his opponent all the time with his mutalisks. As he couldn’t really do any real damage, he prepared for a fastovi-lurker/lingdrop while still harassing at the terran’s natural. When the zerg was massing units for his drop now and taking the right top isle as 3rd expansion at the same time, Mireille finally started building a starport- in fact, three starports at once. With all his cash, the zerg player Technics now decided to drop his masses of units and headed with loaded overlords to Mireille’s mainbase. But Mireille scouted the drop and was able to fend off the overlords before they came over ground to drop their units. So Technics had to pull back for now, while Mireille invested all his accumulated gas into mass vessels and dropships. Being denied at dropping the mainbase itself, Technics on the other hand executed his drop at the terran natural- and with his masses, he took out quite a few scvs and depots, and also forced the CC to lift up.

In the meantime, Mireille> had not been idle at all and set a drop on his own parallely to the zerg one: He dropped and finished off the left bottom isle-expand of the zerg-player. But this was not really his game: Technics had built some scourges and thus killed the terran dropships when they left the isle- being filled to the edge with marines and medics.

However, Mireille didn’t give up and went for another mm-drop onto the zerg mainbase. Although masses of zerg troops from the natural came to defend the mainbase, he showed nice micro and was able to kill a large part of this army before he was overpowered. After Technics had now finished the tech to defilers, Mireille took back his natural expansion and tried to destroy the expansion base on the right upper island with a drop. Technics was able to fend off the dropships from dropping units onto the isle, and succeeded again in killing a full dropship with his scourges.

Unaffected by this, eye.Mireille did not stop to pressure his enemy, and flew with a mass of vessels towards the zerg base in order to kill the zerg’s units and eco. Bad luck for him that he only managed to kill some lings before all his vessels were taken out by eSu.Technics and his well done scourge-micro. In addition, while Mireille was busy with his vessels, he set another massdrop of lurker/ling combination onto the terran natural and finished off the workers and the CC.

This permanent seesaw continued, as now Mireille set another counterdrop and was able to make the zerg natural bite the dust. But as his mainbase was empty now, he had no mining base anymore and tried to start a hidden expo on the 9 o’clock position. Shortly after that, Technics managed again with incredibly timing and his scourges to kill the loaded dropships that carried away the terran units from the zerg natural. After this success, he took again the left bottom isle as expansion, while he destroyed the terran mining base and its eco on 9 o’clock at the same time.

After a short while, he also went for his natural again and further on the 3 o’clock position to start another one. Mireille tried to take that last one out, and he managed to kill the hatchery, although Technics was defending it with some freshly made guardians. Before losing his remaining units to those guardians, Mireille pulled back a bit and even managed to kill the hatchery on the top isle with his siegetanks. But as Technics destroyed the terran base at 9 o’clock again with lurker/ling/defiler, Mireille had no mining base left and typed the "GG".

The score was now 3-2, and Technics was on the lead.

would someone comment it and maybe check for grammar mistakes?
Could you try to make some breaks and stuff, it's very hard readable. Except that, good :)
Also take a look at panschks battlereport with bold writing, picutres and stuff. :)
I said it was just plain text^^

I have a major problem. I cannot make screenshots in broodwar, re-installing did not help.
Could someone else make screenies for me? would be great...
Lol, those large latters, are killing my eyes, they also say "flo the freak is gone crazy & mad, and he is shauting to you!"
yah, me too
I think I forgot the "" somewhere

lo, gonna correct it^^
I added some pics
Nice report btw. Finally got to read it ;)
went through it once more and corrected some typos, missing words, grammar mistakes.
changed a few spots, too.
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