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Spells in Maps16 of January 2007 09:46 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
hm, well i place a short article (with Scmdraft 2.0) here for those who cant wait ;P

Basics things to know about these spells:

There are different types of sprites that can be used with scmdraft: Doodads, Effects, Unit Sprites, and some more...;
The bad thing is, that Effects (Sprites->Effects) do not work (the game crashes, i tried out some different effects like psi storm, maelstrom and even spider mines)
So the only option to use sprites are Unit Sprites (Sprites->Unit Sprites), llike the ones used for neutral buildings.
The only spells that are (afaik) usable are:
- Dark Swarm (Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Zerg->Dark Swarm) and
- Disruption Field (Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Protoss->Disruption Field)

Unluckily, there are some (i hope :P) minor issues with the spells:
- Spells do not stack (you cant overlap 2 or more spells); if you try to stack them they will be moved to a near random place ingame.
- The entire spell has to be placed on walkable terrain, else they cant be set ingame (so the spell is not allowed to "touch" e.g. a cliff)
- Air units appear to be covered by the spell

Here a step-by-step guide how to place the spells with Scmdraft 2.0:

- You dont need to do this here, but its better so you dont mess up with the placement of the spells:
Go to: Options->Grid->Normal (or just press Alt+g)
- Then select player 12(Neutral)
- Select Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Zerg->Dark Swarm or
Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Protoss->Disruption Field
- Place it on your map :)

Ps: Before you submit your map, test it plz (because if you mess up with the sprite placement, there will be ofc an error)

another things with dwebs:

- Air units can shoot
- Spells do work
- Mines wont pop out; but they can explode in a dweb when dragged in it by another unit

Intresting :)
I dont see a damn thing :D
there is a spelling error in line 13, 27 and 154.
If only I could read invisible writing :P
Small font size, ideed. Bold type would look good on this.
Thx. I only hate the part where D-webs can't tuch cliffs and things like this... Damn it :/
White Tiger
Since it's a sprite and not a unit, it is impossible to create the dark swarms with triggers, yes? For example, on a volcano map, you have a timer that counts down, at 0 all units within the location of the flowing lava( -.- ) will be destroyed. But say, you want dark swarms to be created just after this, as "ash clouds". No trigger can create sprites, can it? SCXE has dark swarm as an X-tra unit, but I tested it and the swarms do not appear with the triggers. Any ideas? T-T
afaik its not possible to create sprites ingame, the only thing i know about that is that you can remove them
White Tiger
Damn, that could make for some really interesting maps if it were possible.
Air units are displayed as under the swarm.
But not affected by it(means mutalisks are damaged by marines but do not damege them when both under swarm)
yep, i mentioned this also in the short article :P
you can make;
create 1 defiler for (computer) 100% engery
run ai script cast swarm ( i think it exist)
remove 1 defiler
can you place p12 marines on the map and play it as Melee or TvB, and it works?
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