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How to make large bridges with SCMDraft29 of June 2005 06:11 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
How do I create wider bridges? - That's a question you see quite often on mapping-related boards. So I, who learned it just one month ago from "haschischtasche", will try to explain it to everyone who does not know yet.

First of all, you need a specific program, I use SCMDraft. That program can be downloaded at

After downloading it, start the application and load the map you want to edit. I would recommend using "advanced" editors like this only if it serves a specific purpose, to do the normal layout you might just as well use Staredit.

Now chose "tileset indexed" in the top menu.

Scroll down until you get to the bridge and place your bridge tile par tile. That takes some time, you need patience.

Before finishing, you should take a quick look if ground units can be placed everywhere on the bridge. Select a ground unit and see if there are any grey spots no your bridge. There should not be!.

written by Panschk[FP]

THats nice, but everyone knows this. Can you do one for upward ramps or wider ramps?
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