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Filters and search function on bwmn30 of July 2005 01:31 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
We have over 200 maps on this page, and they are getting more every day. That's good. But of course, to find a specific map, you can't display all maps and just pick your map out of the list anymore. You need to use the search fields on top of the maplist. It is quite a powerfull tool when you search a specific map or all maps that fit a specific discription. I will just explain what the input fields are for, even though one should be able to use this feature without reading this discription.

  • Mapname input field: Enter a sub-string for the mapname here. You don't need to put the complete mapname, and big/small characters don't matter either. Expample: Writing "en" will return "the barrens" as well as "Open Sea", and many other maps of course.

  • maptype: Obviously, only maps of the type selected will be displayed. Exception is "no-beta", where all maps, except user-beta type maps will be displayed.

  • Players: This information is directly gathered via the mapname. Only maps with a "2" as the secound character in the mapname will be displayed, if you chose "2" as an option. Can be a nice feature if you search maps for a 3on3 Tournament or something, just look through all the 6, 7, and 8 player maps.

  • Terrain You can display maps on a specific terrain. Only Iceworld maps for example.

  • scm/scx This is probably only interesting, if you search maps for Starcraft Original, and don't want any broodwar maps. Select "scm" in this case.

  • author Works the same way as the mapname-filter. Typing "pan" will get you all maps by Panschk[FP], and possibly some others.
    If you want to create a link to all your maps, just write: (replace MYNAME with your name of course. Remember that "panschk" will get you all maps of "panschk[FP]", but not the other way 'round.)
    Example: <-all maps by starparty.

  • Order by: The information the maps should be ordered by. Standard setting is not name, but "date DESC", which means that the maps with the newest update or comment are on top.

    All these settings can be combined. You could search for all maps with an "r" in the name by a user who has an "r" in the name on "desert" tileset for "2" players. For example.

    There is probably no faster way to find a specific former or current pro-map or user map than to use the search-function on this site;)
  • Comments:

    Are there any features I should add to the search function, or anything to improve it's useability?
    is it possible to add a "size" search option, for example if I wanted to see all 64x64 maps?
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