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Website Updates - A to-do list02 of August 2005 11:37 AM
Posted by:Starparty
to panschk: A post it list where i can write suggestion for updates. you can also use it to post your own changes and suggestions to remember stuff and so on :)

General Issues - Layout and functionality.

* Searchfunction for articles, forumposts and newsposts?
* Sort replays by what map they were played on in replaymenu. reps on (2)aaa will be first and (8)zzz last. Not by id or upload.
* change text "rec. maps" in the menu to Recommended or something similar, cause rec. means record in my world :P

Forum - Everything regarding the Forum.

* Full name displayed when hovering above the links and all shortcuts, like in gmcs.

GMCS - Suggestions to improve the GMCS.

* Change the text that says "You have already rated this map/this map can not be rated" to "rating is unavailable". This to avoid confusion when the text "you have rated this map" comes on a map which cant, and hasn't been rated by the user.

Design - The visual aspect of the site.

* Lis, gogogogogogogogo

Map Categories - functionality issues regarding the map lists.

Misc - Everyting else.

* Come up with a good system to choose MotW every week.*

Ideas - Suggesting new additions to the site


(Other categories might be added if nessecary)

* = High priority
OK = Objective completed :)
X = Objective unnecesary/impossible

add a X or a OK next to the subject when its done or if it's undoable...

SP: This will be updated continously.

Hope it will be of use.. <3
SP, can you please just do the motw thing? Just login to admin area and change the number in motw to the right value. -_-

Looks like a lot of work. I try to see what I can do..
Done. i thought it was harder than that :P
btw the "orange" seems rather yellow to me^^
All ears for better color suggestions :P The pink "SP" text is kinda ... not pink enough.
If something is done or not done, remove our comments concerning that subject and replace with X or OK :)
imo, the texture is too dark. It should have about the same ground color as the tables here. Or do you mean as BODY background? There is no body here, it's all tables. So you would not see it at all^^
i meant body :P is it not possible at all? it would be kinda cool if the page floated on water..
as bg for the tables, is regular dirt too cracky?
And then perhaps highdirt on headline tables? (lighter blue)
Could take the dirt, and just make it a bit transparent so that the details were more invisible.. would be kinda cool if the site gave a feeling of beeing a twilight tileset :)
I see my name is still here.

Make GMCS work in firefox please. I always get "wrong protocol" when I click on things T_t
It works with firefox for me (1.04). The grid (the dots) do not align properly on opera, but i don't know what I could do about it. (well ok, I could use tables to try to align it better, but now that it works, I don't want to change it again.

Empyrean: Did you try to click on the icons in the GMCS? They are not actually links, I only used the <A ..> tag so that the GMCS comment can be displayed when hovering over the link in FF. Firefox does not display the "alt" information, at least not the version I use. So just dont click on them.

perhaps put a "page is best viewed with IE6.0" or w.e in bottom? :P
The one for Neo Forte2.1 ... one of the GMCS element comments go off the screen.

And I really never noticed they were comments :D
i cant see anyone off the screen
He uses FF. The comment is so long that it would take more than one line at the bottom of the window, where link URLs are displayed. But of course, the browser only shows one line. Well rightclick->properties and you should be able to read the whole post. And This page is actually fully FF compatible afaik, with opera there are some problems, but you can still use it.
Use IE ;P
Your Name
removed everything that was done to level of satisfaction.
After you cahnged it, maybe you could read through the whole feedback threads and write down everything what was posted and fill it in here :)

well... if you got "some time" ;)

If not, i will do that... anytime... ^^
You should add a date like "Edited: 28. August" so that we know when changes were made.
How about you include an in the GMCS? That way you would not receive a "wrong protocol" notice when clicking on a button.
Besides, you do not necessarly need an
-tag to use the title-attribute, since title is a universal attribute and can be used in any tag you want to. (Whether the browser will display it properly is an entirely different question, of course...)
Sorry i didnt know you may use HTML-Code in here... It should read "... include an < a href = "javascript:window.alert('comment')" > in the GMCS ..."
Yes, someone already mentioned that, good that you had the same idea. I also would recommend that if you click on the picture, a small 200x200 window opens with the comment in it. Can you do this panschk?
i doesnt check this very often. perhaps once every second week. panschk seems to have forgotten about it completele, or atleast done everything to a level of personal satisfaction :)
updated some and removed some.
I don't agree on how you want the replays to be sorted. Imo newest on top is good, if you want to search for something specific, you can still do so.

search functions for "text" is not possible afaik, I could only search in the titles.
But since we are maporiented site we have no particular itnerest in replays except to show how the maps work (atleast i dont). Newest are showed on index anyway. But in replays it should be sorted by maps so you know what u look for.
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