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Last update for (2)Silk Road : 2007, 11, 30 02:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1037 (2)Silk Road 128*96trcc0.5beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Pooor poooor Protoss, mean old Terran will have a party on this map.
i could remove 1 of the 2 ramps on bottom right,

add only 1 instead, and meanwhile, widen the path?
Uff. Hmm. Looks good somehow. but mains seem very small, and terran should have a nice and easy game on this map. It dosn't feel any good (just from the looks) imo.

Other comments. Dunno what to change. ^^
Having huge main isn't better.. big mains favors a lot drops. I think the mains are ok right now, but maybe some testing would tell better..
Actually it doesnt favor drops, mains are cramped so its hard to place drops and not lots of room, and easily defendable. Also, terran will crush all on this map -_-
Big mains favors a LOT drops particulary zergs drops, why do you think staatarsham is z favoured zvp

I,m maybe wrong, since i dont have a lot of gameplay backgroud
*takes a shit on you*

What's with the one random ramp going the other way in the middle? It's like a mirrored map but done a bit wrong...
huh try to make a un horrible second ramp at this position ;x and nobody cares about that O.o . It's not like if it was favouring the top player more than the other..
I love when i see a fresh concept. Whatever you thing is wrong with this map "T favors" etc... I love it just because its fresh, and i will see how my feelings will continue after i play it!
--v mOsQ
very nice, but i don't know how to play on this map.
imho unplayable
sorry, but these "unplayable" comments are going on my nerves. Almost every map in SCBW is playable. This map actually is also very well playable...

It's just favouring a race too much. Imagine PvZ and it's (oh wonder) well playable.

Think before posting, all of you...

so tired...
only maps that is unplayable is Lost temple and Fastest possible map V.11 space super edition extra $$
As a T, I would not like to play a zerg here. Base is full after 4 barracks or something... P has the same problem though. We need bigger mains :O

I would open it up by making the bottom left part of the map low ground.
the dentist
this map is fucking cool
I love the map in general, and I still can live with the small main, but please... either redo middle with some kind of wider ramps (if theres a way to do that) or change it for open low grounds? Theres no way in hell goons n zlots would kill tanks on the high ground.. if the T is on it, and not toss
red got longer distance than blue imo, id like if the 2 middle ramps were set together to 1 big.

longer distance to middle, the first ramp in outpost

good map
modified by uC.MorroW
Doesn't really fit the theme.
yeah, silkroad is some big trading road through china, or? (I am not 100% sure, but I think this was it;o there is even some MMORPG called this, where you play chinese chars).

and what do you mean with "red got longer distance than blue imo" ?! to where? each other?!^^^^
Get rid of the wall on the sides of the mains to increase building space.

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