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Last update for (2)Cretacea : 2006, 03, 02 17:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1041 (2)Cretacea 128*128Arden(WoF)0.1beta

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first Ash map... I don;t have much to say about it, so i'll leave that part up to you guys.
i like this map good use of space but a bit tight in the middle b/c of the expos. i suggest to take out both of the expos in the mid to free up space. i like this map but i have some quick adjustments that might jus improve the map i bit .. ill post them on gmcs. good map imo
Check out the GMCS. All the ones that say 'Your Name' are me, sorry :(.

I think that if you get rid of a bit of the lava at those four spots, it'll open it up nicely. I agree with Nick on the small land bridge, that would be cool. And I also agree with him on killing the center expos. There's plenty of expos on the map right now.

Do that, and I think you've got yourself a sexy map.
thats word my nigga lol and the expos on the islands on the left and right side.. decorate it with high lava so that it cant completely be defended for some fun dropping action!!!

btw ... Nick is me

Also, where epidion posted his 'X' gmcs.. do what he says .. but not too much!
modified by NastyMarine
I don't have much time to comment now, i hope i comment later, but on the first look, you should think about making the first nats of both players more safe. Right now they are two wide doors to attack the nats and a cliff that you can use also for attack. It's too much imo...
yeah def. i feel the same way.. maybe do it how i did it on NML and my newer map .. Blue Hills... (the backdoor idea)... could give it an extra flare. But at least make the choke on the secondary entrance small. maybe the size of a barracks.
modified by NastyMarine
I always play a comp first to check pathfinding, and I'm proud to say that units don't go through the mineral onlies exps (if that was ever an issue). Even though it was a comp, it was a pretty fun game, the map "works" :)
open the land bridges up alil bit more. open it more towards the smaller pond. its getin there.. thing this with asphalt is its lake of doodads and versatility. its a work in progress tileset .. as the map is
also get rid of the ramps on each high ground expo. it will serve the map well making the map more dynamic.
Sorry, but I refuse to get rid of the ramps leading to the highround expos.

Fixed the other things...

Damn the high ground's shape looks ugly.Damn change something to make it look better.
Arden(WoF) I think it looks fine. Sure, it's a bit altered around the ramps, but theres no reason to change that just because you think it's ugly.
building space plz? :<
I played it a few times, there's more than you think.
Reps of ZvT please.
I like the map, especially for ash, but I must admit that building room for terran and toss is a problem, sure you can fit gates and tech in main but nowhere else.. not many people only use the mains for that.
oh, I wouldnt take out ramps without a good reason, if someone has one then say it, otherwise its fine. Plus its easier to get more building room ;)

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