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Last update for (2)Passage-Immortality : 2007, 07, 08 08:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1059 (2)Passage-Immortality 128*128Nightmarjoo0.2final

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

this map wont work with double entrance. get rid of the main entrance and just have the double ramps
Ok, I wasn't sure about the double entrance
I like this island style the map has. Like on most of your maps, the execution is very sloppy though. You should really pay more attention to details:
- the doodad-cliff has the double size on the top pos
- There are still some straight lines that look very ugly here and there
-placement of middle expos is probably not intended like that...

It has some potential, but I think you really should change your mapping technique to something more controlled and less "freestyle". Editing the map now to get good symmetry would be just as hard as rebuilding it.
I'm redoing the map, I'm clearing the doodads from the 2 cliffs, and connecting the cliffs with the expo plateaus, and widening the cliffs a bit. Ill move the central expos, idk what I was thinking with that placement. This was an old map which I edited recently and uploaded the edited version, apparently I missed that ><. About the cliffs though, should I have them widened like I plan now, or should I make it azalea wall style, with just a thin barrier? And as to the cliff orignal size, they were only meant to be a wall in the first place, not intended to be part of the game, which is why I covered them in doodads. So should I make the cliffs part of the game, widened and = in size? or just a thin wall to form the base size?
two Ms in immortality
2 Ms wont fit in name, Itll be unplayable unless I get rid of the last ) or something
Ok I moved central expos, they are both +/- 1 42 unsieged tanks away from the top of the ramp. There is one entrance, and as of now the doodad cliffs are larger and blank, you can build on them. I'm not sure what to do with it now though, I'm considering adding a 2nd ramp, to the side of the blank cliffs, away from the expo just to bring them into the game. I also could make them bigger, it is pretty tight on there now to use it functionally. Also, should I add a ramp from the main onto the cliff? That would work even w/o the 2nd ramp leading to the outside world, but I think having both ramps would work nicely too, but that would bring in a 2nd entrance again, which inept said wouldnt work.
Ok Another edit:
I made blue's base a lil bigger, red's was slightly wider, so I widened blue's a bit.
Passage To Immortality Changes:

Well first of all I changed the name to spell immortality right, but I took out all of the changes. I took out some land from red's main, it seemed he had a little more land than blue's main did. I added doodads and terrain to make the land more interesting looking. I added mineral only expos with 7 crystals each to the natural plateau of red and blue, and added a small ramp to each so the mineral onlys would not be too easily defended. I don't think adding this little ramp will make it too dificult to defend the natural if the mineral only is not taken, but the ramp and the expo certainly made the plateau more usefull. The ramp is green and out of place looking, but I thought it looked like a manmade ramp, which is what I was going for. I think red's mineral only ramp turned out much better than blue's, but I couldn't find a way to make blue's fit in better, red's is much more compatible I guess you could say with the terrain, blue's looks more out of place, but oh well.
it improved a lot. Now the 3 and 9 gas expos are still not equal in the distance to the main bases, the gas natural is still not layouted the same way. Wide custom ramps and more balance in securing the main by taking the nat are needed imo. The corner expos too are not equally reachable. I see some potential, please use it:)
If I understand you correctly then like make the natural a little tighter to make the mains more defendable? And wide custom ramps, where? You mean make the ramps near the mineral only on the plateau bigger? That would be awkward if its the latter I think. And distance fixing Ill do.
edits -

Edited ramps from plateau mineral only to look much better

Redid decoration, quite a bit of custom terrain.

Moved North's nat to the left and shrank the cliff there accordingly

Removed the statues in the middle of the nats as North's was very much so in the way, and south's wasn't helping anything

Expanded the coast west of the random basilica and added a bit to the east part of the western random basilica so the distances from the random basilica to the coast and cliff were the same as the eastern random basilica to its corresponding coast and cliff

Expanded the sunkun crap in the middle on the western side a bit to the west to match the distance from the eastern side to the eastern expo there

Rotated the western base ninety degrees counter clockwise to be the opposite of the eastern base; the eastern base's layout made more sense; the minerals were pushed forward to allow movement behind the minerals like at east

The distances from the new western base to the northern nat and northern plateau expo conveniently matched that of the eastern to its nat and plateau; either the rotating did little to the base or corrected whatever distance flaw there was there

The coast was contracted dramatically on the eastern side of the eastern expo to match the barely breathable room of the western expo

Added to the basilica behind the eastern and western expos as it looks better and more or less helps protect the expos from attacks from behind, and expanded the coast on the western side to match the distance from the east's new basilica to the coast

The distance from the SW expo to the southern nat was nearly twice as much as the distance from the northern nat to the NE expo, so I made the two bases islands as the distances are fine as the ovy flies. I made them islands by walling the bases in with lightbulbs. No, I'm not kidding, and frankly I think every map should have lightbulb walls.

About the wall, Boxer could probably push through it using vultures and mines, but zerglings and drones (small units) will not go through it, even with constant attempting. Units do however act a little pmsy about it, telling a zergling to go through it will make the ling try but fail. Sometimes it goes back and forth trying to get through, other times it gives up and stops after running away from the wall for a little bit.

The main's resources were rearranged with the intent to make them significantly less gay; also expanded the coast behind south's main to be roomy like with north's

The map was renamed Passage-Immortality whereas it was previously PassageToImmortality, I think it looks better the new way

The decoration in the middle sucks ass, well most of the decoration sucks ass, twilight has no walkonable doodads so I'm not going to bother. The terrain looks ugly and is pmsy about being placed near different terrain = lots of dirt you can't add doodads to. Badlands rules.

I added a couple birds.

Another edit

Err... apparently I can't count because after reviewing the map after I uploaded the map I realized I did not match the distance from western expo to northern nat as east to southern nat, that has been changed, the center sunken crap moved to the right to compensate, and the coast contracted to meet previous choking space.

I redid the center and took out the sunken crap, due to all the changes in the map it is not necessary nor helpfull. There is still stuff to tighten the center, but it is more open than before.

With the center being larger I made the basilica behind the central expos somewhat larger for protection.

I redid south's cliff/ramp, I think the spacing is better for troops. Also the ramps are wallable with a depot/rax, before I'm not sure what they were walled with =/

I added mineral onlys at the bottom of the nat, I thought the map needed more expos as it is pretty poor, and these expos aren't in the middle or on the other side of the map.

The area behind south's nat has been closed off and isolated the way the area behind north's nat; tanks could be dropped here, whereas previously it was not an island, but it was in the north.

South's main was expanded a bit, it seemed a little smaller than red's.

I also removed the random basilica's which were near the corner expos, they originally provided defensive chokes for the corner base, they weren't needed since I made those expos islands. I put big dirt doodads which wouldn't fit anywhere else there instead.

modified by Nightmarjoo
comments/suggestions? the map went straight from new to off the list entirely...
What we have here. Uhh !! Looks like the protoss have forgot their soaps here.And what's about all these Jars. I understand they should distract us, because balance is not home. Look to these ramps. And I don't wanna go far, you have much to fix here. Behind this I find this map is a good try but no more.
Well that deco on the highground expo where you use crushed rock to bring low dirt in middle of high is neat, but units firing from it will register as being on low ground while units off will register as being on high ground. Hope that made sense
Oh, I hadn't thought about that, it does make sense, I'll have to fix that.

Mr. Gosu Fry, you seem to have problems with this map, in all honesty I would like to hear them, I'm not a perfect map maker, and I know this is not even the best I've made, I may have overlooked something or forgotten somethign entirely, please, use some literary skill to tell me what's wrong. oh noes the protoss forgot their soaps, eh? Jars? something made to distract? I spose I understand the 'balance is not home,' too bad I don't understand the problem =/ what's wrong with the ramps? I probably do have much to fix here, try to tell me using coherent sentences, or tell someone who understands you so I can fix this 'good try but no[thing] more'
I'd like more input on this map, the two edits took a lot of time ^_^
lol looking at this map now, besides a few silly noob mapper things in this map, I think it's my best map ><

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