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Last update for (4)Wild Wood : 2006, 03, 13 13:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1060 (4)Wild Wood 128*128Droid0.1final

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)


Looks pretty solid, although the decoration could be more detailed.
mmm. so more doodoad?
modified by Droid
dang ive been seeing so many maps with so much expos and this double gas thing lately. we are on our path to becoming BGH imo :P
ya loose the double gas
The "decoration" is not only about doodads, its about using the texture in a bettter way, i think you could work on the middle and make the ruins look better, or the shape of the mains, the grass in them, and also the water is empty put some work in it too :) Mass doodads is not that beautiful imo
are two gas of 2500 for decoration: is hard to make a better decoration in the center, cuz the aspect must be a natural so i can't make a figure
modified by Droid
yeah, just look at maps by trcc or summersky. Or starparty, spitfire, flothefreak(he is a massive doodad user though) to see some good examples.

2 gas is not a big problem imo
modified by panschk[FP]
whenever i see double gas it just annoys me. as i said above, its the next step up to bgh...
center decorection fixed but, i don't know if so is good
those snakes are very beautiful. The straight lines on the border of the temple area are less.

now put the same effort in the mainbase decoration(avoid unbuildable doodads though) and I'm happy:)
The center decoration looks great man! My only problem is with the high ground that wraps around from the ramps to cover the nats. I think it makes everything a bit too easy to defend.

I'd say either wipe those out, or disconnect them from the mains.
for pan: ok i try too fix the mainbases and the stright lines

for epidion: i have unit the clif with the mainbase for make this map a little original
Yeah, I understand what you mean. It's really up to you, didn't mean to say you had to do it. But that's just my opinion. I'm honored that you took my advice.

What does everyone else think about it? I may be wrong.
i'd get rid of those semi-cliffs or at least remake them (not to mention their look). and maybe think of pulling the 3h/9h expos a bit more towards the middle, with a bit water behind them, so they are closer to the actual action
cliff fixed, and i have move the exp in 3/9 a bit more in the center
please cut the cliffs a bit. shorten them so terran tanks can NOT shoot your main-ramp from the cliff.
Looks way better then the first time when i see it, it's changed a lot! Good job :)

EDIT: Red's and purps ramps are very closed infront, you should open them a little.
modified by LGI
I know did it deliberately to close the flight in front to intend the same tactic that boxer was use vs july zerg on 815: D
other suggestions?
you can still improve the look. just start the map in single player, type "black sheep wall" and scroll over the terrain. so you can see where you can improve the map.
mmm hard to improve the look of map but i can try anything
To be honest and i dont wanna shit on the map or anything but theres not much more u can do to this map. it looks nice but it jus seems a bit cramped.. for instance.. some of the water around the cliffs are jus not needed. and jus cuz i say this (that is cramped) doesnt mean its not playable but i think this would be a good source for a new map! jus expand on this idea.. perhaps redo it in a 128 x 192.. jus an idea.. and make a strict 2v2 map! i think it would have some success.. (imo)
no, there is much to improve. guess what SP would pimp out of this map :o

and 128x192 is the worst thing you can try...
i have remake a big part of map see now , also i don't like the name very much can anyone say me any suggestions for change the name?
thats different.. he completely revamps it (the maps). the best way to fix this map is to change alot of the water and cliffs. b/c the mid shuld have the same feel or perhaps kept the same. Sp wuld change the look of it almost completely but prolly keep the side expos.

idk maybe that wuld b a good idea to submit this map to b pimped!
i like tha change but theres suttin about it that looks unnatural imo.
only the coat of arm int he middle seems unnatural imo
hm you changed this map a lot. i liked the older version
-fixed some decoration
while mainbases look pretty good, middle is much less beautiful it was before. Can you rebuild those snakes? :D
see now perhaps is little better, however if so is not good ,tomorrow i try to re-make a snake :D, now i'm too tyred...
Horizontal pathfidnig is bad, because of those min only expands.
pathfidnig???what is?

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