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Last update for (2)Leviathan : 2006, 03, 16 09:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1061 (2)Leviathan 128*128epidiOn0.3final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

So I originally drew this up in Euro History class months ago, but I just found it on my HD so I finished it.

I'm a bit concerned about the lack of a central battle space though. I'm hoping that T's advantage (two bridges, many ramps) may be equalled out by the fact that P or Z can take the other way around to avoid T's army.

I know it's nothing special, but I'm trying to re-kindle my passion for map-making. Any comments are appreciated.
I like it a lot.

Props for not flooding the map with useless expansions, this style has become pretty rare:)

Should play pretty mobile.

Damn I love this map =]
Not enough gas.
I'm debating adding two more expos, but they'd be like 5 mins and 1 gas. Check the GMCS for where I might put them.

I'd prefer to keep it this way, but if it absolutely NEEDS more expos, it could be done.
good map i been waitin for this one for awhile.. finally finished i see.. and its lookin good. Only suggestion that i have is that it isnt necessary to have double ramps at the 9 and 3 oclock positions.. its not needed but it can def stay! gj.
i would add the gas expos at the points you suggested and take out the gas of the corner expos
how come? so that the gas is more neutral, and can be fought over?
modified by epidiOn

EDIT: and I will be re-naming it sometime soon.
modified by epidiOn
Okay, I need opinions. Gas at the sides of the map, gas in the corners, or gas at both?

Plus, I'm curious to see what constructive criticism Listoric and LGI have. ;)
gas at side of map only! ;D
looks very nice btw :)
map name is italian :D
Well see GMCS, and i also think that you can make a better (floathing) path on the top right location of the map, above the expand that i point on the GMCS. Just see the bottom part, it's well made, but the top part is made like in a hurry...
In case you havent noticed, late game zerg usually needs 4 gas.
zerg is strong enough;)
Haha yeah the map name means "Hunters of Fate" but I think I'm going to change it. My mom makes an Italian dish called Chicken Cacciatori, so whenever I look at this map I think about dinner and get hungry, so I've got to change it.

LGI: what do you mean about the top right corner? Just make it look more natural?
And also, I was thinking about putting an expo there. But, then would you propose that I delete the corner expos, or just have two expos close together? And I think decaf is right, I've tried to play PvZ late game on maps without much gas, and it's hard to not have any archons.

So I'm thinking about putting in gas at the sides, taking away the gas at the corners, expanding the crevices near the corner expos into more high ground (Check GMCS) and putting another gas expo on the low ground there.

Hope the GMCS is not very confusing :), about the top right corner, yeah you should add more cliff and make it look better.
with much gas, zerg even has some more masses of ullis 8[
6-8 zilots and 10 archons > 14 ultras...

Well depends most in the upgrades...
you dropped the masses of cracklings from your calculation... and actually it's 15 ultras.
--v mOsQ
not interesting -.-
heh... okay LGI, I'll try that and post a picture of it. Thanks! I like those expo placements pretty well actually. I donno if I'll use all of them though.
Free Image Hosting at

I didn't use all of LGI's suggestions, but I used some. Thoughts on it?
modified by epidiOn
Much better. All I check was amount of gas btw.
yap, looks good.
the expansion layout is somewhat new while still giving a cool and fluent gameplay

however, seems a bit hard in pvz and tvp now...
mabye make the center a bit thighter with terrain obstacles, or - which would be quite cool actually - add a mineralonly in each base. can't show in GMCS of course, but i'd go for them on the right side of the main on top pos and on bottom on the left edge of the main.

you'd have 2 options:
-just along the wall, so it can maybe attacked a bit
-make a cut into the wall which you fill with the mineral-line so it's more open to attacks.
modified by flothefreak
flo, check out the main picture all the way up at the top, not the imageshack picture I just posted. That has a min only, is that what you're trying to say?

Maybe I'll put a bit of tiny basilica walls in the battlegrounds, yeah?
your imageshack version is way better and cooler.
but there are 20 GMCS, so delete them and upload your imageshack-posted-version to let me show you what i'd propose :)
Done. Go for it flo.

and flo, do you have MSN? If you do, could you add me? I always have questions for you.
pointed out in GMCS. red X on bottom and blue dot on top.
with small minonly there, the less mobile forces (p in pvz, t in tvp) are favoured a bit, which is necessary when looking on the whole map.
you can either just "add" it so the minerals are almost touching the highgroundwall (but leave 1-2 tiles free for cannons and stuff) or, if you think that's better, make a cut into the wall which you fill up (and block) by the mineral line. but i would not do this, because once the expo is gone, it's fucked up in pvz or so :<
ah, i don't have MSN :<
i use icq often, skype when asked somewhere, and irc from time to time
Okay, I'll give it a try.

EDIT: Wait what? A min only inside the bases?!
modified by epidiOn

EDIT: I put two spots on GMCS where I would rather put the min only... but if you can make a good case for min onlies inside the base, my ears might perk up.
Also put in some little basilicas in the battlegrounds.
modified by epidiOn
my thoughts are those:
the map itself is very open, and the expos lie quite exposed, and, main point: esp. the 2nd expo is far away and thus hard to defend.

that all disfavors the less mobil races, like tvp and pvz, A LOT. so the map is hard for "less mobile ones". that's why a small minonly (~5minblocks) would really help. just think about the 2nd expo in pvz or tvp, it's really hard to get any.
damn, now an interesting new map became another clone and is not to distinguish from 300 other maps on this site. Oh well...
panschk, are you saying +1 clone map?
clone of which map oO
yea ive seen a lot of maps lately with this a million ramps on sides thing and then just a straight middle
post links plz.
I'd rather put an expo where I marked on the GMCS, outside the base. Or do a raised expo in the base like on Conquer Fever...

EDIT: put it where I suggested earlier.
modified by epidiOn
that doesn't help the less mobile races, whcih actually was the point of my suggestion
Well you were saying it was hard to secure a 2nd expo, but this one should be pretty easy to secure. There's a bit of basilica cover, and it's closer to the nat.
yah but i think it's not safe enough...
in pvz, you'd again need several cannons, even though it's closer to the main...

in pvt, it should be ok, but dunno

--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs pix90(1on1, 1.13)

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