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Last update for (2)Indigo Paths : 2006, 03, 11 20:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1062 (2)Indigo Paths 96*128EffectHypnotize0.1beta

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Added a picture.
wow, thanks man, also can you tell me if it needs a lot of work, and if so what should i fix?
This map definitely needs some decoration. Not only doodads, but also terrain decoration.

Also, this map has 'the gas issue'. You can solve it here:

The concept is nice, and you actually executed it pretty well. Check the GMCS for just one little tip. (if you aren't too familiar with the GMCS, just click on the object and it will pop up with an information window). Other than that, it looks pretty good.

EDIT: All the GMCS says is to move red's 2nd ramp closer to the natural so that you can widen that little choke area, so it will be easier to move an army through there.
modified by epidiOn
oyeah, i know the gas issue ill fix it, i forgot to when i fixed my other maps.
1) Decoration is not nearly as good as it could be. See the work by trcc or starparty to name a few to see how it could look
2) Blocking minerals like in top left and bottom right have to be placed with care. These are not that bad, but could still cause some pathfinding problems.
3) I personally dislike the concept of the map with all those ramps. Imo this map would be better with less ramps
4) They are some straight lines that look very unnatural. Try to get rid of 'em
5) Good job on the big ramps, they are pretty important with that concept. Take a look at "shangri-La" by Starparty if you want some more inspiration on who a lowground-highground transfer could be made also. It is not that easy to achieve though.

Overall it is an okay map, but I fear the gameplay could get pretty static fast, and you can get trapped in your main too easily imo.
yeah, ill see what i can do, ill put the updated version soon
need pic!
wow you changed it oO
sp sky, yeah i did and it plasy so much better

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