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Last update for (4)Big Eye : 2006, 04, 04 19:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1066 (4)Big Eye 128*128Droid0.1final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

-large center
-3 exp for every players of whom an on island
-1 exp in commune for 2 players to left/right hand
the mid is extremely big. bigger than No-Mans Land and that mid is big too. I understand ur idea but damn lol. not bad tho. it looks pretty solid.
on "Neo Forte" the center is more large, therefore is not a problem
Well, neo forte is my least favorite pro map of all time. (Besides vertigo)
Looks good. I only wonder how it will be in game the room for building in mains. Nice one.

Btw, gas issue at blues main.
modified by LGI
Pretty nice. Are there unbuildable doodads in the player's main bases? If yes, you shoudl remove em.
stupid gas i have already fix it why not change? now i re fix it :D

for pan: y but 3 only doodad in a perimetry zone of main base not make problem imo

for arden: however in the center there are much doodad and this advantage Terran tank, so i repeat i not see any problem with a big center
modified by Droid
looks really original and also reasonable balanced. still, even with doodads, the middle is just incredible open. you cannpt really move out in tvp or pvz. and as interesting as the isles are setup, are merely fight only about them doesn't really promise interesting gameplay.

the concept is too fresh to kill the map with a large middle, really.
I can put the doodad so as to form some walls to restrict a little the center

(fix)i have changed the top and bottom part of the map where are the islands exp
modified by Droid
make the solar array in the middle into space - it will close the middle and keep the design
is better this version of the map, or the other?
Droid man, I think this looks REALLY nice, but flo is right, the HUGE middle kills the map a bit.

But personally, the mains seem a bit small to me. so maybe if you extended those a bit it would cut the middle down.
-I have limited a little the center now should go better

-added cliff in natural exp
erase it...
terran can already secure the 6h/12h expos from the cliff. with that natural-cliff, he can defend his own natural easily AND getting the 2nd expo as well at once
that's not good...
Thanks for making the mains bigger man, this is turning out very nicely.

And it's good you added some space in the middle, it closes it up a little bit.

flo is right though, the little cliff is too strong for Terr. So make it thin so nothing can land on it and I'll be happy.

What's the wall situation? 1rax? 1rax supply? ling safe?

But all in all, I think it looks very nice, good job.
-cliff in natural erased
-wall situation is 1 rax, 1 supply
modified by Droid
Perfect, nice job.
another change but i'm not sure is ok or no:

- i have restrict the cliff in 6/12 expos
They were longer before? So there was more of a seperation between the expos? If so, I'd say bring it back to how it was. But, it's not a huge balance-altering change. So it's really just personal preference.
before, the cliff allowed to the tank dropped on it to close the 2 exp in 6 or in 12 position and easely assicurated these exp for terran
modified by Droid
Maybe you could make it a seperator that you can't land on, so it's really thin. Like the cliffs above the nats.
i think is better so, if no terran take advantage
i have changed the decoration in the main bases

other suggestion to improve this map?
modified by Droid

1)added two thin cliffs(6h and 12h)

2)added mineral in the center

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