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Last update for (2)Trancendence : 2007, 12, 08 23:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1071 (2)Trancendence 128*96Starparty0.8experimental

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 47 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

um.. right. I just went for overkill. Btw i got my i-net back :o
oh and the bottom player as 2 patches more in the min-onlies to "balance out" the high-low ground disadvantage.
holy shit
wow this is REAlly experimental :P

I like it, ( nice decoration as usual, but this one totally rox )

Is all the left part ling tested?
....I was going to post a map for the glaciar competition, but uhmmmmm, nah... =P

Good map, Start locations that are equal, but diferent own ^^.
very very gosu experimental map man! well executed for totally different start locations. its gonna be tuff for the competition between mine urs and epidi0ns maps.. max got some hot stuff too btw .. hes jus gotta finish it now!

btw what jpeg program is that! i want it lol .. i wanna see all my decorations too!
modified by NastyMarine
it looks great (as most of your maps :o)
yet, the neutral buildings really annoy me, esp. for this competition. plus, you could have added some terrain style with snow on the top base and that changing into dirt or grass in the lower part of the map

and you gotta admit, this amount of structure/compound isn't really glacier-like
it's scmdraftII which creates massive 16MB-".bmp"-files. but it saves every single aspect, and it gives an exact copy of what your map looks like at the very moment you save the image. after that, you still have to resize it to 768, with irfanview, for example
its obvious mines going to win anyway...LOl
@inept: lmfao!!!!! we shall see!!! max still hasta submit his!!!

@flo: where can i find scmdraft2?
i am uploading it to the file section in this very moment :)

look under "utility" in a few moments
trcc the dldb file section
finally!!! thanks for uploading it
all the buildings are lingsafe, the compound is tilecorected to ensure that.

flo, look at the center platform and the ice glacier wall. that is the most glaciery in the competition so far :p
the chokes are also tileedited to be 1rax perfect wallable
I dont think you could possibly make this any more imbalanced for a Terran that gets top position.
thats bullshit.... its near impossible to evenly distribute a t's forces to stop any attack from both sides at any given time.. not even for t ... p and z too. theres no way that any race could stop any attack from a side if the player has defended it evenly.. there are drop spots (middle) and 2 sides with ramps. i dont think its imba. but it does cause problems hence = experimental.

@sp : think of making wider ramps on both sides.. one big ramp with a default ramp on each side!! or have only one side with a big ramp so that battles are aimed toward one side!! that actually wuld do good to this map!

and actually games culd be very fun on this map... both oppenents gets a chance to play at the top positions and the best outta like 5 wins (jus an idea) king of the hill type gameplay.

wow. Looks great and pretty strange at the same time.

top player has an advantage over bottom one, but it is not that big, both players should still have a good chance to win;O
boongee, im a trance music producer, doh
Strange, and great.

wonder if it works.


well I don't really see what this map has to do with trance music o_O
Right, boongee! This was the first thing i tought when i see it ^^
why are we saying this maps name?
boongee, i made it, that says it all
"holy shit" pretty much says it all.

You and trcc seem to have some ability to make everything so damn sexy looking...and it looks playable and balanced with the mins that you placed for bottom player. Sexy experiment!
oh god this map is awesome
I don't think left part of the map will be used, these neutral buildings takes too much time to kill, and i think even if they succeed to, they won't destory all the buildings, maybe if it was lowered hp buildings?
It's great, it's great <3 SP.
how does mineral blocks balance the fact that the bottom can't see his enemy, he will get hit first, and hit shots won't hit every single time. I'll take top everytime thanks.
It's not like you will be battling along the cliff all the time. If you do, it's your own fault, there are enough paths.
@spinesheath, once i've tried just like you to expalin such situations, but now i stopped, because:

a) People are just stupid and they keep their stupidity.

b) People are bad in BW gaming.

@Nightmarjoo, this has nothing whit you so don't get me wrong.
You're so right LGI :D That's why I NEVER EVER visit a strategy forum - the people there talk so much trash, and I always want to tell them how wrong they are ;)
I guess. idk I don't play p, and pvt would be the main matchup where that would matter.

about strategy forums, I can understand that. I was browsing wgt's site for the hell of it and found a bunch of strategy articles there and looked through a couple. I left the site when I saw one zvz guide mention something about muta ling not being good against hydralisk when your enemy gets 30 hydralisks. I don't think I have to explain the stupidity in that oO

umm looking through the map I don't see a base with two extra blocks, did he edit that out? I just assumed they were there since sp mentioned it at the top, unless I misunderstood him.
there are 2 minonlies with 1 block more each.

Btw, 24+ hyds can rock a LOT. I know someone who plays hyds in zvz and he does that great. pretty defensive at the beginning, producing hyds very late, but with fast grades from 2 evos. And believe me, 2-2 hyds are a real pain. Once he got 24 2-2 hyds, he will always try to encounter your mutaling army it will be VERY tough. He also adds ensnare, plague and nydus trap ;) Really, hyds CAN own.
But I stick to muts, I don't like being on the defensive for almost the whole game...
lol but the moment I see a hydra den, if I havn't already gone 3hatch (which I most likely have) I will and the stright ling will win because lings are cheaper and I have more drones on minerals. He wouldn't get 24 2-2 hydras oO
Hehe, you don't know the whole strategy :P First of all, you will be behind in economy. He plays it always that way, rather not being that agressive and producing more drones. Secondly, he starts off with a 1-0 upgrade for his lings. If you do so too, he will add a second evo soon and get 1-1. If you are pumping lots of lings, he will do so too. Hyds are added very late when you go for lots of lings, and sooner if you get more mutas. Trust me, I tried to beat him with mass lings, with fast tech, with getting some mutas and then using my mapcontrol to get an expansion up. It's really rare to get into lategame in zvz, but with him, you can ;)
Of course that strat is beatable, but it's not like you just kill him without a problem.
lol if he makes more drones I will still kill him with my 3hatch since he will have fewer lings, the game shouldn't last long enough that his better eco will help. Fast tech = no thx in zvz =/

maybe I should just play him ^_^
Fast tech = no thx? lol. Ever been on pgt? 9pool lair speed, that's the usual bo you see there. Well, I am going 12 hatch 11 pool 13 gas 14 evo attacks speed lair at the moment, and I got 8-4 stats in zvz ;)
And though he will have fewer lings, his 1-0 will rape yours.
lol yeah if he gets it. And fast tech is easy to beat if they don't put most of their larva into lings, otherwise the 3hatch will rape before the teching helps. And if they do that, then their eco is really hurting cuz they put money into spire, gas, and lost drones to get gas. Substituting lings for drones to prevent a bad eco will allow the 3hatch to win.
The accurate name of this map must be Tran{s}cendence and not Trancendence.But of course we ignore this write error because of the quality of this map.Great executed,and who can deny the originality?
perhaps the better name doesn't fit?
Care to read the comments on this map before pointing out this "spelling mistake"?
teach me your deco/execution skills please!
such comments you wouldnt find in addition to a nightmarjoo/inept map.

indeed,a exceptional work.
modified by Grief_Stricken
"... and certainly not in a Grief map" you left that off grief, I'll complete it for you.
first glass i thought it was "Trance N Dance" neways... i think its pretty much balanced cuz lower ground has more mins then upper ground right?
but those min blocks gonna make it hard to climb up... exp vs a terran turtle
Looks great for sure.
Maybe some enlarged ramp needed.
What's that large plateau for? No expo there though it would fit in.
And can you scout? (how much are minblocks on ramps?)

--SHADOWM vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs dwl2007(1on1, 1.14)
--pablinga vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs ant..(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs nfn(1on1, 1.15)

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