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Last update for (2)Avalon : 2007, 03, 24 08:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1103 (2)Avalon 128*128Arden(WoF)0.8final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 40 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Still no doodads yet due to my lack of a computer =/. Hopefully I will add some the next time I can work in secret. uh... ta da!, that's all I have to say.

I originally didn't have those two bridges branching off of the middle, not sure if it's a good idea or not.
modified by Arden(WoF)
LGI, I figured those cliffs served an important purpose. The path below is major, and if a Terran was to claim those cliffs, it might force your enemy to use a different route, thus eliminating the element of surprise (in some cases). But that's just me thinking too far out of the box, maybe I should do something more useful with it. Or maybe not :o
Great map!

Now the issues...

On the bottom position the pathfinding from the red main to the corner exp again on the bottom part of the map, is right trought the minerals and gas first exp. If there is an expand it will be even worse. I suggest you to fix this, as on the top position. There the pathfidning is trought the map edge, behind the first natural exp. Also i will point two spots on the map for ramps that i think will make the map more mobile and instresting.

Great map, really!
First i tought that this could be a secret area for drops like lurker drop... But then i see that the min block is 128 value... So the idea of secret drop is out...
Hm... Adding a ramp off of the bottom right highground might be a bit difficult. I'll see what I can do.
Yeah i know, i am often face to such problem from some other suggestions, but this is one of the bad sides in mapping :) . Good luck :P .
If I use SCM Draft and allow illegal placement, I can make the highground cut into the water a bit, there will be 2-3 tiny squarish shapes, but it really isn't that noticable, and it will make the ramp possible.
Fixed the pathing, got rid of those useless cliffs, and added semi-satisfactory ramps where LGI suggested.
it reminds me of S ignal

not bad, not excellent.

i think your best one was prelude of light

hm, the top position seems to have uncomfortable building space

somehow the center isn't as interesting/appealing as the mainbase / corner expo setup is

i like it, though. it has potential
There is definetly enough building space, I played a small test game as Terran (biggest buildings, etc) and it wasn't too unconfortable.
I might stick a small strip of land in the middle, not a huge strip that will affect unit movement, just enough to break up that center and add some flare. It still needs a bit of decoration and doodads.
Your nat placement is a lot like the 2nd nat placement in Velocity. I think it's fine for a 2nd nat, but for a main nat, personally, I think it's too vulnerable.

It's up to you though.

EDIT: Otherwise, I think it looks like a great map.
modified by epidiOn
Yeah, I'm talking to my friend on the phone right now, and he said the same thing. But, I feel that it's a bit too important to get rid of... It may be a bit too vulnerable, but it's a key element that I'd rather keep.
Added doodads and an obs version.
Fine tuned it a bit. The gas at the natural is no longer sticking out and misc tweaks. Since your nat is a bit more open, I made it harder to reaver drop it in an attempt to balance it out a bit.
the center still seems to be very uncomfortable when moving around...just an impression
i like the two entrances to the nat
I don't like to have a purely open center, but do you think it would benefit the map to take out the small piece of highround in the middle?
no. It would benefit to take out the single bridges and put high ground though, since units will be gay and some will go the big path and some will take the bridge and it will mess them up.
I've never had a stray unit go across those bridges. Granted, it is possible, but it has never happened to me. The bridges actually helped me out during a game once. My middle expansion (ish) was attacked and I salvaged the probes by taking a direct route to my mineral only outside of my base through the bridges, and I was able to keep them safe at that expansion.
I like the map as a whole, but the one thing I immediately disliked was the fact that there were a ton of small bridges. I would take out those two. Otherwise, I love the map.
Hm... I can do that
Got rid of those bridges in the mid. It'l stop unit crazyness a bit, and it alos protects your second nat a little more, which is appreciated.
no my comment to do this is not considered but when yenku says it is good :(
Hehe, I realized that myself. But what I was really looking for was another person who felt the same way, and that just happened to be Yenku
I'd like to see some replays on this, whenever somebody has the time.
plus he just likes me more ;p
If I ever see anyone on from BWMN Ill play them on it, but most dont play on east :(
i play on east, whats your name im on rite now
i play east~
oh man me and yenku played a game on this, it sucked ass lol this map plays really bad ^^
Maybe you suck! Heh. Sorry about that, oh well. That's what happens when you vote for a map your too lazy to test =/. (not you specifically)
the primary problem is that there is no such thing as rushing, and theres a buttload of minerals but no fucking gas, i had 12 factories and still had 4000 minerals along with 500 gas...
Vultures FTW!
3 gas - 2 min only per player

no gas ??
in comparison, yes there is too many minerals for that amount of gas. i would suggest putting a gas on another expansion
Arden, in our game, we did have a struggle for gas, but maybe that was because neither of us knew the map. =D
the rating doesnt reflect the quality of this map.personaly i like very much the corners setup opposite to the mains.


--BHolder vs asd9500(1on1, 1.14)

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