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Last update for (2)Baekdu Daegan : 2008, 05, 22 02:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1171 (2)Baekdu Daegan 96*128[Ragnarok]Valkyrie1.1league

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 65 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

nice starforge editing
The abuse of ramps is starting to get annoying...
who put it as pro? it is a newly made map it isnt pro yet.
after you make ride of the valkyries everything you make is pro.
Believe me or not, but the real map maker of RoV is a bulgarian map maker, who is not active atm named GriG. I think in 2001 he was one of the first dudes who made those wider ramps. Valkyrie was very intrested in his map and he propose to change maps. RoV for something of Valkyries work.

I don't know why i write this story now. I always forget to write it on the right place... Anyway i am sure that most of you won't believe and the only way to know for real is to ask Valkyrie about that, and if he is mannered, he might say the true.

"Pro" just means that it was made by a well known supposedly "pro" map maker. But imo, 80% of the active pro maps suck ass.
True, just like the ugly one that we comment right now...
oh i thought pro meant its played in a league...thats what it says in the thing...and hopefully this map will never be played in a league or i definetly quit mapmaking if this trash gets played lol^^
is this a newly posted map?? cuz i didnt know RoV still made maps.

RoV can i talk to u?
i have a few questions.
wow, he made a map with tons of edited ramps. that must make it pro. Woop de doo.

It does however look balanced. So I guess getting maps to become pro just means having hookups with Mapdori =P
playing this map promises to be a very disorienting experience. the north ramps look like they are going up, so going from the south end to the map to the north end looks like a giant climb.

does anyone know what the map name means in korean?
Well its all about uniqueness and fresh gameplay, not balancing or style right now in pro mapmaking. Most players dont feel it, but for starcraft spectators this is pretty cool imo. They get to see new strategies that just can't be done on luna.

This is still quite ugly though^_^;
I have played on it. Let me tell you, this map is as ugly as fun.
i can see probelsm with PvZ double ramps and shit...
This map IS being played in OSL or MSL, not sure, so it is in competitive play. Goodbye Inept :P
Oh noes this map has two entries here~
Also this map is like crazy for zvt, and that backdoor is a bitch. It is really hard to defend nat from muta harass. The ramps are cool, but the map is very different than modern maps nowadays, and it's hard to play. I'm not sure why pgt uses it now
I played on this map and hated it; all those ramps just threw me off balance. It is very annoying to not be able to see anything in front of you since there are all those hills in the way >_<
Though the gameplay is just so much different than modern play(which makes it a good thing), I think Nightmarjoo put it in percpective, and pretty good all around. But I'm not sure ZvT is that imba really, just different strategies need to be used early.
besides the disgusting design, the map itself is really fit in the category 'micro map'
This one isn't so good but the updated version (though it was heavily modified to the point where it deserved a new name) is awesome.

BTW, I think this is just called "Peaks of Baekdu". I was kinda confused when I looked at this first; was thinking "huh? This looks like peaks...but isn't".
Daegan probably means "peaks of", or something along those lines... I have no idea about Korean, though.
Man this map sux so bad even I can tell :O
Is this the beta version of "PeaksOfBaekdu" or what?
this map is horrible

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