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Last update for (8)Sin City : 2008, 12, 29 13:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
124 (8)Sin City 128*128Peatza[Ag]1.0experimental

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 68 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Interesting concept, but the only way to do "balanced" 8player maps is to have a "fastest map" like layout. Even though you tried to prevent very close rushing positions with those walls, there are still some positions that are much closer than others. Well nobody plays 4on4 anyways;)
Heh... To make a balanced 8 players map is impossible and fruitless that's why this map is not made for 8 players.

This is a eight player map that is made for 1on1 games. The increased number of starting positions makes for more diversite and new thinking.

When I designed the map, I tried to give every starting position two ways in and out of his it's main. No matter where two player starts, they will be able to expand to a different main that become their expansion and at the same time harrass/stabb the opponents.

Two player in a 8 players map give 3 expansions for each.

The map is very open, and player will have to take chances or play safe depending on where you believe your opponent have started. The players who take the initiative have an advantage.
8 player map for 1on1? :) hehe, never heard that.

first of all, are there really two gas at 6 oclock position ? ;)

second: its really an open map, and thats always a problem against an early rush becouse of the two ways without a wallin. think its an intereseting concept, but i would not like to play this map as a 1on1 map, becouse there are better maps for 1on1 or 2on2 out there, with better tactical resources :/

i think its fun on a LAN party, last man standing ;)
Newschool zergs don't use enough zerglings. Play that map against Fishy[FP] and you are dead pretty fast -_-
Haha, Listoric you have a very keen eye.

Yes that sure as hell is two geysers at 6 o'clock. I must have forgotten to remove the right one when I continuously update my maps.

Many maps tend to be unconsciously advantagous for Terran, like the WCG maps for example. Maps like this could be placed in tournaments to make it more interesting.
i want to try this map could u imagine. if u tech u would be screwed gogo rush :p for aiur.
i like this one, and i really buy the idea. the only complain would be that pos 6 and 12 actually has 3 entrances instead of 2. could be fixed if the open water area outside the bases were used though..
i didn't count the amount of minerals in a base, but wide open maps help P>T and Z>T way too much if played right.

i like this idea a lot though, and this is certainly the most worthwhile 8 player map out there, fun or serious.

i like the variety almost as-is. terran at purple (12) seems a little too vulnerable, teal 6 maybe too. this map needs a lot of playtesting but i would love to play it as-is. ultimately you might be best off making this a 6 or 7 player map to have a little more control over the different possibilities, and might need to change mineral counts to compensate for the 2 way/openness.

better than bloodbath :)
An 8 player map for 1v1? Thats idiotic. its totally unbalanced. The only way i would play this is if i was with 7 friends and we were looking for a crappy unbalanced ffa.
*cough* idiot comment *cough*
Actually, Yenku is right. This is no 1on1 map (of course people who think fastest map is a good map might also think this one is good for 1on1, but I talk about competetive play.
If you lack that much wit that you are not able to comment constructive, you might as well keep it shut. This site wasn't made for you to act as idiots, though i wouldn't be surprised if that was what you imagined. Speak something of use instead - because right now the only thing you show is that you really doesn't know very much about this topic.
bah, aimed at yenku.

and yenku is right about what? He didn't state anything to consider being right or wrong, all he stated is, that he somewhat hates Peatza on a personal level -or- that he has inferior admiration towards xuul, or perhaps both. Look at all his other comments and judge for yourself.
Well i was checking out his maps. I know he has many fans and i wanted to know why. I checked and i saw maps that were just trying to look fancy. Its Balance first then Looks.

--TIC vs Computer;Computer;Computer;Computer;Computer;Compu(other, 1.15)

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