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Last update for (2)Desirable Land : 2007, 05, 10 20:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1254 (2)Desirable Land 128*96NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Koala bear in the center! did it on accident acuatually.

About the map:
No center expos. I wanted it to be an easy to counter attack type of map (if a player is shooting for expos). just a idea i incorporated into the map. im not sure if it will serve its purpose in-game but still it looks good.

fixed map a bit
i actually think its pretty sloppy :/ doesnt look like you looked it over, is the impression i get. this type of map has been done many times :)

did you forget blue's main?
no i redid it.. look again
interesting concept. however, it may be quite tight. dunno if this damages gameplay, you'll see that when playing. the problem about your concept is that players will expand away from each other, not towards each. dunno if this countermap works with this aspect. it looks as it would work out, but i'm not sure
added more decorations.. feedback is appreciated
I wish you would stick with jpeg. The bmp takes so long to load.
i will... Im just feeling the good look right now! :)
goddamn upload a jpg
jpeg uploaded
do it again no minerals / start locations
ok its good now... comments? suggestions?
Despite the fact that there are two exits from the nat, I'd say they are too thin and easily block-able. Get rid of almost all of the high dirt, leave just a sliver.

Other than that, I like the top, it looks pretty sick.
Free Image Hosting at

Changed it (this is the bmp file)
It looks pretty sexy.
modified by NastyMarine
my jpeg program isnt working right and it keeps fucking up.. i uploaded the image neway. about 90% of the map is on the jpeg file.
Free Image Hosting at
modified by NastyMarine
this decostyle is nothing new btw. and it is no reason for being proud of it. unless you want to receive glory from it like mosq, of course.

the map overall seems to be very tight.
ehh i jus wanted to show an extra style i dont usually do. flo why are u so critical about decoration? seems like u are discouraged by change. why dont relax and give feedback about concepts and not deco.

tight?? a bit but not too bad. Would taking out that middle temple wall open it up enough?
why dont you relax**
do i make screens of every enlargened ramp i impement in my maps? no? yeah, no...why? because it is a normal standard mapping feature and nothing to show off with, or that would be worth extra mentioning and pictures.
jesus your making alot out of nothing.. flo do u have a vendetta against me or suttin? you are very childish if u feel that something like a simple pic is enough to complain about.

there is nothing wrong with showing off something i feel looks good. gg for being an idiot..

dont compare me to mosq. ur assumption/assertion is too basic and irrational. do u feel godly or feel like u have the right to say w.e. u want? cuz u say some overwhelming shit sometimes.
yeah, i have the right to say whatever i want actually. and i am mostly referring to this

a pic like this is just annoying. there is no information to get from.
well ur intitled to ur opinion but why point out something so irrelevant.. i also have the right to post that there too. and who gives a shit who does what? i dont see any1 else complaining.. do u?

theres nothing to get other than it looks good. no subliminal.. i just wanted to draw attention to it cuz i think it looks pretty nice in my opinion.

its the same reason i posted the bmp file cuz i wanted to show more decoration (and also cuz my jpeg program is fucking up but thats besides the point) so i decided to show something off and see feedback. I really dont need a stupid and irrelevant comment like: "unless you want to receive glory from it like mosq, of course."

and if u didnt mean it in a bad way then please reword your sentences so it doesnt offend ppl b/c a comment like that does exactly that. (especially with all the ppl that despise mosq.. it is a bit insulting)
modified by NastyMarine
Can i have some criticism/suggestions?
the dentist
your jpeg is fucking up for me, not showing enough of the map.

the map strikes me as okay. the distance between nats is remarkably short. i thikn once terran start to take their nat, protoss loses theirs. that little ground between them will be all terran use.

toss vs terran, and zerg in general will take those away expos, if they get that far into the game. toss zeals will really be hard on zerg, and terran pressure should be hard on zerg as well. the distance just looks too short. so on this map zerg will pool first or maybe hatch in main. if they can win from that they can win from anything, and it will be boring for them.

terran will be slowed down because toss will have the advantage on them until it comes time for T to expo. this could mean that TvP is potentially interesting. T can be forced to 2 fac. hell they probably shouldnt even take their nat, just push until they take P's nat, then set up an attack on P's other expos (if they have any) and Gg.
"your jpeg is fucking up for me, not showing enough of the map."

yea i know .. everytime i make a jpeg for a map it stops like at around 80% and stops responding.. i think i will just hafta dl it again.
ne other suggestions about fixing its tightness? and do any others suggest the same as epidion about the 'narrow' paths to and from the nats?
i say just do another map. this one sucks.
damn .. i was pretty excited and proud of this one actually.
no, this one has potential. no motw- and no best-map-ever-potential, but potential to really be a diamond.
how would it be a diamond but not motw? i'd rather have a diamond than a motw :)
i think you should consider flipping the mainchokes and naturals to the mapedge. so you can enlarge the distance between bases. furthermore, you can move the minonlys then, and put them against the little water lake, so more towards the middle.

the map would profit of this. then you still have to test if your expo layout works, though

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