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Last update for (4)Princess : 2006, 05, 05 11:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1266 (4)Princess 128*128AiurZ0.1beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Mains: 1200m, 2500g
12/6: 1500m
9/3: 1500m, 5000g
Center: 5000m
i could see this working as an ALL TEMPLE. the low ground whole middle completely ruins it imo.
It's messy... And it reminds me of Vertigo, which is not a good thing.
concept is nice and but in the end im pretty sure it says t domination on it.. a four player map with this type of temple set up cant be executed well at all imo
this is the best map I have ever seen. I'm sorry that other people don't recognize your genius. Its ok, someday they'll go to hell for being stupid and you'll reign eternally on your post as the best map maker of all time.
dont get me wrong.. it is a nice map but imbas are evident.. (the temple paths) ... *horizontal* positions in tvp = gg W for t L for p same for tvz T gets the big W

edit* = put the wrong word in (horzontal positions edit)
modified by NastyMarine
handjoy made my day ^^
the dentist
i don't think you guys take the amount of gas and minerals into account. they could change a lot. yes, the terrain, taken by itself, is imbalanced. but what if there are equal and opposite "imbalances"? are you sure there aren't? because lots of shit is weird on this map, for instance, the gas/min in main...

stop looking at each thing on its own (i.e. terrain). if you always do that, you can only end up with 1 possible map.
no, you're wrong. terrain has most influence by far. chaning number of minblocks/value of mins and gas is only light outbalancing, if necessary.
the dentist
there's nothing light about the difference in minerals/gas on this map and others.
when it comes down to it... how would a protoss attack a terran with horizontal positions? he/she cant... its obvious.. not even the expo in the mains can help this b/c t has that same advantage. all he/she needs to do is push thru the temple paths and set up shop.. gg t gets W.. thats for tvz too .. its evident... nothing can change that unless auirz takes out those expos between the mains and make it temple for flanking.. then he wuld hafto change the 9 and 3 expos as well. i mean it can be done.. it will def improve the map.. but the way it stands, its jus evident that those positions are imba
modified by NastyMarine
I didn't think it needed changing because you had 3 horizontal paths to choose from, and i was expecting protoss to try harder for getting to the other side of the map than the terran in order to combat him in a more open area (like the way horizontal on darina works)

i widened the middle horizontal path while tightening the very top one, and added a bottom horizontal path at the risk of making the rush distances near instant.

provided an opening in the raised jungle at 9/3.

the tightness was so that a terran was entirely fucked by the way the resources were placed, since they only have access to 6 patches at the start, and their main+nat gives them barely more resources than a normal main would, and besides that there are very few expansions that are easily defended, and there is 3 huge areas in the middle where the terran can be ambushed.

without the tightness in the horizontal areas, im afraid that terrans dont much of a chance.
fuck ground on this map, I would carrier rush lol^^
its funny cause its true. P is fucked big time.
Paradoxxx influence with the mains, the first pro map i ever played (besides LT).
although, i do admit i would want to try this out.

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