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Last update for (4)Eletrical Sector(n) - : 2006, 09, 07 01:14
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1274 (4)Eletrical Sector(n) - 128*128lnept0.3final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

ok well this is my new 4 player map.

before commenting please read this.

Ok...mains are 7 minerals, nats are 6 minerals at 777 each to be mined out more quickly to get to the semi island.

both semi island and nat allow VERY LITTLE static defense. ramps are very small as well so teching will be good on this map.

to even out min only nat i did 7 mineral main and 6 mineral nat which should even mineral to gas count.

zerg does get a big open middle, nice big 3rd expand, and easy muta harass on nat though.

it will be interesting to see race balance on this map.

any other questions let me know
king of 8 plr maps
mabe make those ramps that go out to battlefield bigger can help the unit movement easer getting out from your platform base
nice idea! there is better ways to (visually) set up the terrain for those areas that units cant travel on (on the structured ground). basically jus set it up nicer.

also set up/manage some of those mineral lines better.. they look downright ugly.

overall ur getting alot better
this could look really good if you take the time to make it perfectly circular. widen the ramps too. gj
i dont have special editor, but i really wanted to make the first ramp a double(it would be like a normal ramp since its so small) and the ramp going out a quadruple ramp. if anyone would do this i would gladly give credit. also how can a mineral line be ugly lol, and i would like to keep the all red doodads as i was trying to transform the structured ground into a sort of hotwire ground.
any other comments of fixes?
A mineral line can easily be ugly... I just want to see you fix those min only exps in the mid, they're basically straight lines. All they need is a bit of curvature.
yea i wanted them as straight lines. whats the problem with em'?
here's the version with widend ramps

i had to change the isom terrain at reds main (the outer ramp) and there are some "cuts" in the structure wall, because otherwise i would had have to change even more isom. hope it's kinda how you wanted. :)
hm i press download now but it just reloads the page, what do i do lol?
any idea about that noname? maybe you uploaded it unproperly :)
ok got it to work nvm!

and it rocks man.
modified by lnept
what is this "-" in the mapname btw?

and you should really get SCMdraft2 for this map. because you need its images here. You give so much look away (esp. from ppl that are no mappers but players, so they judge more by the look), because your picture-program screws those structure-parts and all your doodads (due to the sprites).

if you don't use it for mapping, at least take SCMdraft2 for pictures.

your best map so far btw. the lowground-gasexpos next to the mains should be remade, though. if a terran manages to get it, he secures natural, island and gasexpo at once. not necessarily imbalance, but may damage gameplay a bit. just see if you can come up with a better solution.

are maingases tankable from outside?

-I'd add a minblock to the "islands"
-balance naturals better positionwise
-somehow erase the negative effect of the lowground gasexpo next to mains
modified by flothefreak
Definately your best. Great work man. It seems quite interesting to me and looks put together very well.
really cool map, with the lower level start positions and the structure (maybe too tight) with that gasnatural blocked with the mineralexp, if only the same structure tiles don't fuck up the design

in starforge you can set 'clutter' (i think) which means the editor will automatically change the structure-tiles after every click
im not sure what everyone was freaking about on the doodads and using SCMdraft or whatever, could some1 explain
make a picture with scmdraft2 so you can actually see the doodads and - more important - what is going on on the highground. at the moment, none has a clue what these orange tiles are about.
i use panchs's program, and you can see the doodasds.

all the little canisters that you see are doodads, as well as the orange tiles.

the orange tiles are structure doodads, and i used them as a theme since they look like dangerous wires (electrical sector) the other doodad is to make structure buildable.
i don't care what it is or what program you use. just make a goddamn pic with scmdraft2, so everyone knows.
One big issue if you really want it to become MOTW: get rid of those 1000+ dropspots.
mind pointing any out on GMCS? i see none
Everywhere where you put those masses of asphalt doodads. You may be able to walk there with zealots, but not everywhere, and it certainly is very effective for terran.
Eliminate those huge doodad clusters, simple as it is. Looks bad anyways...

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