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Last update for (2)White Noise : 2007, 07, 04 00:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2321 (2)White Noise 128*128LessThanThree0.1beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My main aim with this map was to have a center heavy with ramps but with plenty of flanking opportunities still around. Only really odd thing is that the bases with 5 minerals have 1.8K per patch, making it equal to a 6 mineral base.
nah it is not equal, it mines slower and you need less workers to have max. mining speed.
invert ramps are buildable...
and for mainbases, use standard ramps, esp. when it is possible like on this map. the inverted dont have the right height decrease, which can be crucial by rampfights (lings s zeals)
good terrain variety and a creative layout, but it just does not work well, if at all, with ice. Those inverteds, are just a complete turnoff imo. (no offense). I dont like any of the inverted ramps.

I'd say change the tileset :/

nice concept though, i like it.
I know it's not equal in speed, just in resources. I don't mind it though, since it should be a little easier to defend than its high ground counterpart.

Thanks for pointing out those problems flo. I've altered the northern ramp to be a standard ramp and added some walkable doodads to the inverted ramps. Not particularly pretty, but it gets the job done.

Question, are the naturals set up so that zerg can fe safely? I've never been any good at judging that and until I get in some test games, I'm not sure.
I love this map, but i have to agree that it would be much better done on another tileset. I personally would like to see it on space.
northern natural seems harder to defend in ZvT. bottom wideness of the choke is fine, so equalize it :>
space would be the right choice of tileset, indeed.
I agree that space is right, and I actually have it mostly built. Question though, inverted space ramps do maintain the general accuracy of regular ramps, right? Or will I need to use a standard ramp at the northern main choke on space tileset as well?
well, for mainbases it is always recommended and right to use standard ramps (make it pos. balanced, though). on the map itself, you can use the inverted ramps without hurting the map.
Updated to space tileset. There's a little more room in the 4 o'clock bases. Expos have been resized a little, and the ramps are closer to the minerals.
blue gass can be tanked? don't want to test this
good job. looks a hell of a lot better in this tileset.
Wow. Big improvement.
Map looks really nice, decos maybe two points from perfect. I really like it.

Setup is very unique.

Definately keeping this in my good maps folder.
It does indeed look a lot better in space. Excellent job, I'm downloading this one.

EDIT: It looks like red's mins and blue's gas can be tanked from that little below area there. Since it's lower, I don't know if it's really that big of a deal, but I thought I'd point it out if you weren't already aware.
modified by Nureru
yeah, i already pointed that.

oh what what the old tileset?
1st time i see this map.
i really like it

but thos minonly are in trouble.
chokes should be like this:

your minonly have this:

a lot of oponents can attack from the high ground.
but you only have a small rampie to attack him.

see Peaks of Baekdu, you have a wide ramp to attack your oponenc coming from the small ramp

and the path is some fucked? blue only going left and red onli going right?

i will really like this, please finis it.
center Solar Array needs to be not that rectangle
modified by Testbug
-Several changes. Doodads added by mains to prevent tank fire. Several other cliffs that could support tanks were shrunk to prevent other instances of awkward sieging.

-Min onlys were raised to high ground to make them easier to defend, though the entrance from the center of the map was made a little bit wider than the previous ramp.

-Solar array deco modified to look less blocky.

-A few minor doodad changes.

-Fixed a problem with some of the inverted ramps that interfered with pathing.

Currently the pathing is mostly solid, though sometimes units will try to split up a little, so players should be careful about moving from a platform with two exit ramps. It's usually not a problem, but something to worry about.

Many thanks to everyone who has been giving feedback. I'll probably give the deco another run over soon and give it a few test plays before I call it finished.
Final version (barring any massive oversights)

I shrunk down the mains somewhat. They proved a little bit too massive in practice. (Still large, but not unreasonably.)
how is the expansion layout feeling ingame? from the pic, it seems as there will some heavy focus (turtle) on the corners.
Back to beta. It had played out well in tests, but you're right flo, a terran could pretty easily stronghold in their corner and take five bases far too easily. Some changes have been made to alter this.

-Islands are now 5x1500 min + 3k gas.
-The bases previously located under the min only cliffs have been shifted away and increased to 7x1500 min instead of 6x.
-The expos with the < and 3 signs were previously 6x1500 + 1x500. The 500 is gone.

Because of these changes, players can no longer secure two expos by controlling their minonly, and the islands no longer provide such a massive number of resources, so they should prove to be more of a fallback option. There is also more reason to possibly ignore the minonly to take the gas bases on the other side, which will hopefully result in more dynamic gameplay.

Still needs more testing though.

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