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Last update for (2)Uniquelize : 2010, 08, 26 12:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2323 (2)Uniquelize 128*96LML (aka EM-LML)0.8beta

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 48 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

b4 any1 of u starts saying something bad about this, you should read this thread!!!
Ok, i read this thread, but this map isn't playable at all. Why did you spent your time on this?
why isnt it playable?..
For example, zerg won't get any expansion. It will be destroyed before it finished. You have to give em an natural. Also the distance between the main's is very short. I think the games will only be rushes. The 4 air expos are very T favouring, cuz they can float the cc. You should at least place a min block there. I think in early game P>T>Z and later on T>P>Z.
modified by ptar
early game is Z>P>T, lategame T>P>Z. 4pool does the trick every time in this map. Don't like it at all. (the map)
but u guys read the thread I've posted above?! ...
if it would so, you wouldnt tell me this rush thingy...

well, the one with the mineral chunk at the islands, is a good idea, yeah.
Of course i read the article, but if a zerg make every game a 4pool and win, this isn't a good idea for using the early units. :/
well, but after a time evry players knows bout the 4pool shitz, and will counter it perfectly, then make go and kill the Zerg.
from that the zerg will learn once again, that it wont work anymore, and will try to find a better way to play. same with the P aswell.
And that the Zerg needs an expansion on start.. well, he just can make a 2nd hatch in his main and make a good eco (such as P and T have) so he wont be too much in a disadvantage. to that comes, that a Zerg is much cheaper than a Protoss, and with the same eco, the Zerg has the advantage of an expo nearly back.
This map would probably play a lot like BB (yet significantly different due to the ramp) in early game.
But then it will be t>>z/p
It's junk. There's a reason expos exist. Trying to operate off of one base with only 9 minerals is already getting really iffy. Once you expand you have to try to defend two completely dissimilar locations, which is suicide for zerg, hence 4pooling is the *only* tactic that will work on this map for them. If they can't expand at a reasonable time, then they're screwed.

Also, the map just generally looks ugly. It's got that over symmetrical feel to it that makes it come off as painfully artificial.

Also, since so many of the resources are in the islands, but the two players can reach each other by land, I'd basically say this is an island map with two players stuck on the same island with no expos. Just goofy design.

Something like this isn't impossible, but this is definitely not the way to do it. Lack of an expo kills the map utterly.

Just because someone on gg made a little mspaint of this doesn't automatically make it a good map idea, let alone a good map.
well, its not standard :P

ok ok in all seriousness, its not a bad map, just not the norm. You should however, have a closer expo by the mains if you want the majority of ppl to take this map serious.
well, when u have read the thread I've posted above, u would understand this missing of expos.
The guy who made this thread, actually just mentioned that it would make the game more interest. It's not suppossed to be a map where u play 50minutes long games with 5k minerals. It's map, where u need to fight for your expo, to it would be more fun to watch aswell.
Well, I think, that a natural would maybe make it a bit more interesting, since Z needs this on start, but then I would give it only the half of the normal (750minerals/chunk, 2500gas).
I've updated the map. On each island are now 2 lil mineral chunks, u have to mine, b4 u can build and expansion there.
And evry1 got added a natural, for a lil balancing.
the natural has 6mineral chunks (750minerals/chunk) and 1gas (2500gas).
no, YOU CANT go as zerg and make as much economy as t or p can, not with 2 and not with 3 hatches. you wouldnt have larvae for lings then, which means you're dead with this distance.

only bcause a map plays obviously different doesnt mean it is playing decent. what if i made a map without gas and only 1 mineralblock at the main, nothing else. the gameplay would be different! it wouldnt be a map with 5k minerals, but only 1500 minerals! you need to micro all the time, great great different gameplay!

there is a line in broodwarmaps where it gets ridiculos, and you crossed it. look up what i wrote about nasty in the personification thread...
your "thing" up there just does not work.
well, when u watch the replay, u can see, that it even worked in a TvZ without any natural.
The Zerg lost mainly because of big mistakes (such as wasting 5overlords and his expo at 12).
He used to play hydra/ling on start, and because of the big middle, he was able to surround the T and take out mm+tank.
this was a new idea of playing such a map, and it was good, and without those big mistakes costing ~800minerals, he could have take this game as a Zerg, WITHOUT A NATURAL!
on this map, lil mistakes can cost u the game, which isnt much different from other maps, but on other maps u can make bigger and more mistakes, and still take the game.
stop defending noobmap.
Its not a noob map, but i think the concept is flawed.

flothefreak is right, zerg lose out eco-wise and it doesnt matter how much you argue against it, its a big problem mid game, when zerg lose early unit adv, they will die horribly.

in the rep, losing ovies and expo contributed to losing but the loss was because quite simply, the t had a big army pumping constant units with vessel tech, and zerg had just reached lurks, and had next to know larvae or money.

The z actually microed pretty well.
t made some big mistakes too at the start, losing starting rines to lings was bad, if he had massed more mm he would have overpowered hydra ling imo.

Biggest prob is constant peon prod for z, If you can overcome that IT WILL WORK, but i dont think you can without making it a bb style map with low min count and no choke, and thats not what you want i think.
well, but as u have maybe seen, in the replay was NO natural. so, now the Zerg could make an expo and pump lurks alot earlier. aswell when the Z would make sunkens, it work work fine, too.

but would u guys maybe still get wrong is the fact, that this is made for a new playstyle, not the older one, thats why there was no nat 1st. but because of the imbalance in TvZ it was added.
otherwise this map isnt made for the standard strats, its done to play on another frequenze, than b4.
this is made for more action, no 20minutes camping and then a 200/200 war.
u need to fight for expo etc., thats the concept of this map.
First of all you have to fight for expansions in every map. You think we don't like the map, cuz it brings new strats? Look at some maps here, like Angband or Sound Barrier and so on. There you have to play differnet strats too, but the map is still blananced. Here you have some major problems, wich i think you can't realy edit, if you wanna keep this concept.
modified by ptar
those major problems are the concept of this map.
ok, suppose zerg makes 3 hatch, mass drones, no military, and sunken line at choke without natural, otherwise know as 'turtling'.

This is the only way a zerg can keep up financially from one base on a normal map, on blood bath, the z can early pool easy so eco is no problem.

On luna or most macro heavy maps, zerg can fe, needs less peons to keep up with the other races, again, no problem here.

But to keep up eco wise on this map, zerg needs to have the same amount of drones as terran or toss peons, its logical since drones dont mine faster than the other races from one min line.

So they turtle or rush, or get out produced, you cant get around it, and if you turtle, then your enemy expands, to sickly rich expansions unhindered.

The natural is better, i admit, but you cant sunken line a natural as open as that safely even after winning a major battle, because of what ive just said, z get out produced, and if you were to make it tighter..

well then, you would lose the whole concept of the map.

look i like the idea, but i really doubt it will work as it is.
No, not the whole concept, but the execution have to be very different.
monty hall but without naturals, 3 expos right in the middle of the map ;D
well, maybe you should make some maps, made with this concept (maybe start a contecst?), so that we could see, if there is a "perfect" way for this. to keep balance.
(one point in this contest would be: NO NEUTRAL BUILDINGS AND NO SPELLS!!!)
your concept is done in almost every 64 map.
There is nothing special about this map.

You can tell us how neat of a concept it is, how players have to bring new strategies to the table, how it doesn't play like other, "old" maps -- but the map itself is so basic that it actually limits gameplay. It might be different, but that doesn't mean it's better.

This map is incredibly simple. I could make a map similar to this in 30 minutes.

By the way, the majority of the people at GosuGamers don't know what they're talking about.
modified by boongee
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