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Last update for (8)Plutonian Shores : 2008, 05, 24 12:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2324 (8)Plutonian Shores otherNightmarjoo0.9beta

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 36 points

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Comments:   GMCS (8 elements)

Far too much work for such a crappy contest.
hahaha - i like it. But theres a lot of features going on for such a crazy tileset like ice. Woulda been better on twilight imo. And inverts on a 256x256 map is not good either! :D
This was my submition for the SCZ mapping competition.

Here's the grade report I got for it:

Plutonian Shores

Necessities: All Necessities Met:

Originality: This map seems vaguely familiar, and has uncreative placement of the bases, along with expansions on the 4 corners.

Visual Quality:
Good visual quality, the map is symmetrical, pleasing to the eyes, and the location of the doodads is good.

Strategy / Gameplay:
Some isolated resources in the middle beg to be gotten, providing an extra 500 resources per crystal stack and you are kept in a nice isolated little barrier, but it still feels too risky and there are plenty of resources along the outskirts, so fighting over the middle feels largely unnecessary.

Application to theme:
Nothing even makes sense with this map, in regards to the use of the tileset. Plutonian means of, pertaining to, or resembling Pluto or the lower world; infernal. Meaning, its supposed to be like the shores of hell. Instead we are presented with a snowy winter land, where the stanza is repeated in the map description with some colored lettering. Well, the Kakaru puts its two cents in, but that just seemed like an afterthought.

Grade: C

And here are some comments of mine on that report:
Apparently the judge was raised Christian since he mistakenly believes the Greek/Roman Tarturus was firey. To relate to the excerpt from Poe's The Raven, I made a snowy map. In the excerpt is the line, "Leave my lonliness unbroken!" When I think about lonliness, I think about a snowy wasteland. Then, "Plutonian Shores" is mentioned in the excerpt as well. Plutonian would have to do with death, the underworld, since Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld. So I made a map with shores of ice; whereas water is lively and life-giving, ice is barren and deathly. Why would Tarturus be firey? It's not Dante's Inferno of hell lol.
I've never seen a map like this before. The sls are in the inner part of the map, with 2 players sharing an expansion below them and are very close, with valuable expos in both the outskirts of the map and the innermost. The nats are mineral only, ensuring a need to expo for more gas, and along with fairly small mains and possibly short distances keeps turtling down. The gas of most expos is at 15000 rather than 5000 to keep those parts of the map valuable during late game. The nats are 4000 minerals for each block to make it worth taking at any time during the game. The corner expos are close, either supporting allied play or a need to fight over them. They aren't turtleable, with the expo space being open and two far apart ramps leading to it. Much of the map is that lonely ice wasteland providing mobility for fighting over the corner and back expos. But the middle also retains this value as well, keeping games exciting with a need to fight over different parts. The map is a very large eight player map, having few expos or few places to fight over would result in very boring gameplay. Ignoring the middle would be ignoring six geysers and quite a few minerals, which would be not so bright. In a 1v1 perhaps not all the expos would be used, but with more players, in team battles or ffas, there would be fights all over the map and for a long time with high money counts, providing for exciting and fun gameplay.
FUCK I forgot ice ramps at N/S from the mainland.
Who fuckin cares about poems? That was like the worst condition ever. I did not even understand the poem. 8[
lol what do you guys think about the map? I did work hard on it =/ Pretend that there are ice ramps from the mainland to the ice at N/S of the mainland, 3 of them on both sides.
One of the few good 8p maps that ive had the pleasure to see.

Great work.
I have never had good experiences with 8 player maps before, but this one looks fun. Next time I'm at a lan and people start wanting a 4v4 or FFA I'll definitely be busting this one out.

The only thing I don't really like is that the 4 EW mains don't have the open space between them that the NS mains have. Then again, it could make for interesting games as people try to fight at point blank in those areas.
Just what I expected this competition to be like :p Original starting location placement would have been: 2 on high dirt, 1 in an open field, 2 with 2 entrances, 1 surrounded by ice, 2 islands. Or whatever. Ugh.

Pluto is a (not-anymore) planet of our solar system too. Orbiting so far off the sun, it's extremely cold there. Anyone thought of that?
well, the map is nothing great, which is based mainly on the contest rules, though. i did not feel like making a map myself, not even the 50$ were pushing me. so i had no motivation...
if you get the prize, congratz. if not, well, waste of time :<

and you should look past the jpeg to see the what is wrong with expansion layout gameplaywise.
modified by flothefreak
I didn't win, basicly the host's friend won, with a far inferior garbage map.

"well, the map is nothing great" You try making a great eight player 256x256 map based on those rules in eight hours ;)

Except for what I said in my rant above, I really didn't think much about the map and its issues as I was working with a time-limit, an unconvential format, and awkward rules. There are tons of things that I would never allow in a map for competitive gameplay. There are a lot of positional imbalances, awkward things, retarded sizes and distances, and I didn't consider racial balance at all. Also, the map is 100% untested by me. The host says he played on all the maps, but didn't save a single replay, so as far as I know it's just 100% untested :) I was going for unique + exciting gameplay in a large map, this is what I came up with.

spines I've read a recent (within the last year I believe) nasa article naming pluto still a planet, and adding a couple other planets to the list. I can go find it if you want...
Pluto isn't a planet anymore. He's a " Zwergplanet" (i think the direct translation is dwarf planet). These are bigger then a meteor and smaller then real planets. Just wanted to make that clear ^^.
modified by ptar
Screw that competition. This map kicks ass and takes names.
lol @ ptar :) If this really translates into "dwarf planet" I'll laugh at the English language for the rest of my life ;)
From what I know, not too long ago there was a meeting of many important astronomists (?) and they specified when some trash floating in space is to be called a planed, meteor or whatever. This left our solar system with 8 planets and 3 of these small planets ("Zwergplaneten"); two of which being moons of Saturn I think.

But these are just naming conventions, anyways. I don't really care ;)

Btw, could anyone give me a link or whatever to the winner-map of this contest? I can't seem to find anything about it...
modified by spinesheath
it's "dwarf star" in english.
Pluto, Ceres, Xenia, I think Charon too maybe, are all dwarf planets. Ceres orbits between Mars and Jupiter, Xenia is past Pluto, and Charon is/was Pluto's moon.

I can upload the map here if you want, it's bad though....

It's "dwarf", honestly?!?

why is that funny?
Well, that might just be me :P
ROFL played a 6 player ffa on this map. Was fun lol. You get paranoid on a big map like this. The positions are close for early action, but the map is big and expos are spread so as the game goes on later you can find yourself away from everyone, but you don't know who's dying and who's winning lol. It's funny to have like the corners vs the middle, it sorta played out that way.
Im a little worried about the gassless nats with single gas mains for one. =/

Also if possible some backwards snow->ice ramps would be nice, but i understand if they dont exist as i dont remember seeing any.

Ive also marked spots for possible additional expos and ramps. All up to you marjoo as it stands the map will be played either way.

Edit: I might attempt making some backwards snow-> ice ramps btw.

Edit2: Found them:
modified by Excalibur
The nats are gasless to avoid early game gas saturation, and to prevent turtling. People have to work for their gas. Also, the positions are close enough that additional free gas would most likely only create balance problems given the tightness of the initial areas. As the game goes on, the map gets bigger, and there's more gas. There's actually a ton of gas on the map, so I don't see a problem.

I'll look into the ramps thing.
this map is pretty cool :)

--iM-Nightmarjoo, iM-Nikki, Valiant[PaiN] vs Reco[iL], iM-Tampon, iM-Tsunami(other, 1.15)

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