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Last update for (2)Triad : 2009, 11, 14 14:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2327 (2)Triad 128*128Lancet0.1experimental

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A variation on the concept of Monty Hall but with the twist that you can wage war on 3 different battlefields! Each battlefield has 3 geysers and 5 mineral fields. You have the one to the left which has many hills and temple structures for drops and that connects both mains through a path blocked by neutrals. The central battlefield is mostly open unbuildable terrain. Finally, there are also the islands to the right of the map. The gas nat is wide open but it can be defended by tanks from the cliffs plus terran can also float a command center to the nearest island but then should quickly go air to defend it.
modified by Lancet
T>P>Z on this map, at least by the looks of it.

I'd need to check it in game, but unless the rush distance really swings things, zerg has a problem because they'll need to sunken up in two places to defend against early rushes. (And they really do need too, since they have a back door as well.

Terran's gonna be pretty happy as well. They get easy floats, and once they have dropships they can pretty much dominate the SW corner by tanking on all the ledges. (Plus that's such a compressed space that they win in there anyways.) The central terrain may be unbuildable, but Terrans are going to have so much gas/min from having a great advantage on the SW and NE corners that I doubt it'll be too large a deterrant.

This is all obviously theorycrafting, but it really seems like Terran is going to be in a very dominant position and zerg will come out very weak. I think if the natural gets rearranged so zerg can at least use one or two sunkens to defend early on, then get defense for the rear entry, they'd be better off. Also, I'd advocate setting up 8 min blocks on the islands to prevent Terran from having free access. (Or possibly just those blocks on the islands with gas)
Thanks for your thoughtful comments LessThanThree. I moved the minerals of the gasnat closer to the ramp so zerg will have an easier time defending it.

Terran will have some difficulty taking over the gas nat next to their main as it has a very open choke, that is why I left open the option of floating a CC over to the island. Also in this terrain there is a lot of room for flanking so toss and zerg will have the advantage here and they can take over the central gasnat too.

Terran will have the advantage in the upper terrain but they need to break past 2 neutrals to attack the other main and there are many counters. Zerg can burrow and ambush, toss can use high templars from higher ground etc. Also in most of the games I've seen zerg and toss often go air faster than terran.

So my idea is central terrain P>Z>T, high terrain T>Z>P.

As to the islands the balance is mixed. Most expos there are tankable from another island except the expo in the upper right corner. I am concerned that if I use an 8 value mineral I will leave terran at a disadvantage but this is something that can be tweaked to change the balance of power in this map.
central terrain P>Z? Z>P for sure.
high terrain T>>>>P>>Z
you wont ever be able to stop a terran with inbase expo and gasexpo on the way...
with work this could be a good map
Well, I am trying to balance the P>T in the center terrain with T>P in the high terrain. Terran has the advantage on the high ground but of course it depends on the timing. The gas expo to the left is very vulnerable. Also if toss gets its gas nat (right next to its main) whereas terran needs to expo to the far left hand corner the further distance between terran's bases is an advantage for toss. The assumption here is that terran will have a hard time to expo to its gas nat. Oh, by the way, the in-base expo is mineral only. Also note that the far right island expo is not tankable from any other island.

As to P v Z that is interesting, both species require room to flank while attacking the enemy. I am not that clear as to who will prevail in wide open spaces (central) vs cramped conditions (the high ground). Any pointers here?

Finally, any thoughts as to what the advantage for the races will be in the island terrain? My guess is that it will favor races that can go air soon. But, of course, the fact that the different terrains are next to each other also changes things.

The modern concept of this map is to balance the races not by altering the whole map but by generating 3 battlefields each which favors a different race to a crtain extent. It would be interesting if some of you attempt to make a map along these lines.

There are several things I can do to alter the balance of power here. I can put 8 values mineral blocks on the islands, I can rearange the minerals on some islands to make them not tankable from other islands, I can have the two mains not be connected across the high ground etc.

Any thoughts?
modified by Lancet
Fixed a bug where units could get past the power generators. Note in this map that while you may want to conduct most of your battles in the hills or the central plain, it is the islands that have the highest concentration of mineral and gas per unit area of map.
this is a nice little gem here. Lancet you should try reshaping a few parts of the map. Specifically the 7/8 o clock areas.
i also think this map is win, with great deco, ppl could say "ZOMG TIHS ROX GO ICCUP"

@LML what about this map for the comp?
I not very active anymore here but I occasionaly check what's going on. I was surprised to see Triad bumped into the limelight. I like this map but, truth be told, it is very experimental and untested. Also there may be a pathing issue with scouting.

More "normal" maps of mine to consider for ICCUP would be maps like "Shrine of Kelehmar" or "Spring."


what a nice (fucking) map!

oh, this map is simple, but nice!
lol omit xD

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