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Last update for (2)Eres : 2007, 07, 27 17:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2320 (2)Eres 128*96ptar0.8beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (16 elements)

Another map i made while i was bored. Think is nothing special. Wanted to make an long unbuildable entrance and no backdoor, this time. Middle isn't that big like in Battle Marshes and you can flank the enemy over the ramps. Decoration will be added,used no doodads yet. I only wanted to know what you think of the concept. Main isn't tankable from the expansion above it. Would love to hear any suggestions and ideas.
terrainwork and epxo layout is neat.
but you have very little building space. i suggest moving the natural more into where is now highgroundwall-maze (so away from 2nd expo) and thus gaining room for mainbase.
I thought of something like this, but then the the main is very far away from the natural.
still totally in an acceptable distance. you dont need to make nat/main distance as short as possible - you only need to make sure the distance isnt TOO long.
Building space looks fine to me, not having looked in staredit or in game.
Distances from main2nat look fine, it's the main2main distance that looks long, but that might be fine too.
I don't think flo's idea is necessary at all, it might hurt distances if anything, but you should test the main space to make sure though.
Ok, added doodads and i think the main is big enough. You've free space for 8-10 factorys + depos and other buildings. Any other suggestions about gameplay?
modified by ptar
booring middle, all i can see is units going head to head in middle & thats all
I agree with tk...ill add a GMCS to show u my suggestion however it will prolly suck
NO for gods sake, dont do those changes. the center as main fighting zone is perfectly alright and the highground is employed in a way you can use it wisely and tactically.
early game will be through the center (on which map not?) but some time later you will always use the highground to flank/backstab/move around enemy units/EXPAND/DESTROY EXPAND.

i dont know what the hell pushed TK and deathman to behave if it was bad. you dont necessarily need a loopy weird road to the enemy. this setup makes a fast straight early game which allows rushing, which then turns to a more dynamic gameplay further on.
a straight connection between bases is nothing that spoils the map if used correctly so gameplay alters later on. which fits for this map. period.
modified by flothefreak
Actually i'm with flo. In my test games the whole map was used, especially in late game. Terran can use the highground for pushes, cuz it's not that opened. If there is a big TvP fight in the middle P can use the highground for flanking. Also the highground is the connection between the two gas expos. I think nobody will sent his workes through the middle. I don't think, the map is that boring. Play some games on it and you will find out.
modified by ptar
I'm with flo/ptar here. The center is great. One question, how much space is around the min onlys? It looks like once a CC/Nexus/Hatch goes up it would be hard to maneuver through there, which would make it very hard to defend from an attack coming from the ramp on the side.
oh yes
make sure you dont have fucked up pathing there, as this is an important gameplay route.
Ok changed the highground a lil bit. Now you've got 4-5 quadrats for moving, like on the ramps.
modified by ptar
nice execution tho it seems pretty tight. I would remove the cliffs near the mineral onlies. and i will gmcs something as well.
Thx for looking at my map lately. I will remove some of the highground in the middle and at the top and bottom of the map. I put the highground in the middle, so the min only is more defeandable. Played a nice PvZ on this map. Will upload the replay later.
pleas don't upload this kind of replays.
and damn! you copy/pasted a NORMAL RAMP WRONG!

(SW normal sized and the wider too)
what about making some room behind the naturals in that highground maze? like an area which can be used for drops. not isolated, just enlarge the platform to gain space behind the minerals.
look GMCS

--ptar vs Los)iQ.Superi0r(1on1, 1.15)
--ptar vs Shalkens(1on1, 1.15)

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