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Last update for (4)Divided Zone : 2006, 06, 25 21:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1303 (4)Divided Zone 128*128l[StaR]Blade0.1beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

pLz feedback O.o
Terran imbalanced.enough feedback?^^
too tight, some parts really look ugly
expansion placement and -shape are not really good actually

too tired to write or explain more
uh yeah, and how do you come expecting comments if you don't even post a single letter in the mapthread? that is quite ridiculos and arrogant, especially because it is the 1st map you uploaded here.

ohh i am very sorry, i'm new here like u alrdy said so plz tell me whats important and donīt pick on me :-/
3h/9h expos are "out of the way" and very strange. while the basic idea isn't bad, the execution is too messy and also too "space-filling". the natural of a terran is not attackable at all (too narrow path) while it enables terran to push very easily to the end expo - which even has gas. this combination creates/favors an one-sided and imbalanced game.
the path above[top]/below[bottom] the mineral onlies is so small, you can't expand to the minonly if your enemy has got his. the sidepaths are also very small.

you could also think about some elements that make the map play different and interesting. as the setup of the 2nd expo as gasexpo doesn't work, you have to find something new.

the most important thing is to think for yourself what to do, and learn by doing to execute and respect the important aspects
This post is not displayed due to its content
the dentist
it's ugly, make it prettier.
ty 4 ya criticism, but iīm not exacly sure what u mean with "the natural of a terran is not attackable at all (too narrow path) while it enables terran to push very easily to the end expo"

is the whole entrance/path too tight or should the natural be more far away from the choke?

those little expos with 6 minerals r more a garnishment, but do u think they could be imba 4 the game?
a hostile protoss player won't ever be able to attack a terran with this narrow path leading to the natural. splash damage of tanks will destroy everything approaching. and because of the narrow path, it is SO easy for terran, once the natural is secured, to push along until he reaches the semi-open field and then just take a little step to secure the entrance of the 2nd expo (which even has gas). the problem about this is: during this whole scenario, there is only a very short time where a protoss would have the _chance_ to run an attack. this is when terran has to do the gap between expos.
but if p doesn't have the right amount of troops on this point of time, or for other reasons he cannot attack (or the attack just fails), then the game is over. a 3-gas-base-terran will own everything on this map, it is strong on many maps anyway (see the 200/200 3-3 T army in r-point TvP).

the mineral onlies don't damage balance - they're just not in a good position and shape for a fluent and good gameplay.
- removed expos on the water
- 3 & 9 o'clock expos got gas instead of the expos above and below
- made these positions more narrow and edited the rocks around
- the sea in middle also smaller so the areas around are wider
- at least made the path to the bases/naturals a bit wider

so i think its a bit more balanced :-)
modified by l[StaR]Blade

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