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Last update for (6)King Of Hunters : 2022, 07, 16 17:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1318 (6)King Of Hunters 128*128king of 8 plr maps-33,928,311.9final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of -2137483648 points

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Comments:   GMCS (8 elements)

king of 8 plr maps
With all differant hunter clones out there, I Wanted to make a perfect version, that keeps the cutthroat game play but have bugs removed and better pathfinding for each base naturals, with equal base sizes.

This version more advanced hunters, theres now islands and alot more minerals to fight for which is strategically placed to favour each base pos.
the top and bottom mids was removed, that was the biggest problem of hunters. Also Paths widened for better unit movements.

So Heres my version of Hunters-Huntress

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Looks good but in some bases you can land tanks on the high ground behind the mins, and some bases you cannot.
#1 issue in hunters imo is position imbas and here there is no difference

teal and orange have harder time defending base b.c of 2 passages to the nat

the 6 and 12 o clock islands are nice but 8 and 2 should not be placed there. its tankable and should try to mimic the 12 and 6 islands to be fair imo.

i wuldnt call this hunters.. its not 8 players. I def wuld call it a revamped version of The Huntress rather than The Hunters.

'King' The Huntress is a more accurate name for what u tried to replicate and refresh.

nice attempt tho
modified by NastyMarine
king of 8 plr maps
The guy who made huntress didnt know what he was doing when it came to resource balance.

I wanted to keep some imbalance to this, let me see what others think on this first draft of the map, It's no problem to balance this, but I didnt want to kill cuthroat gameplay look at hunters you see some bases actuall have 2 ways in to thier base, and some bases cross each other.

The small islands needs to be there to make resources balanced, If I take 2 out then I need to take out top and bottom, The building space on all islands are same in size 12 & 6 is highground.

Added updated version The side islands are harder to hit check it out

Also Use Map settings for top vs bottom for more balanced game.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
"The guy who made huntress didnt know what he was doing when it came to resource balance."

if u say so.. but my point is that this map here is more like huntress than hunters

"I wanted to keep some imbalance to this"

not a good idea if u wanna make hunters better
modified by NastyMarine
king of 8 plr maps
Its already balanced enough, check new updated one. I make this one special for players who like challenging maps, I uploaded too many balanced maps as for 6 player maps go.

Ive ironed out all the flaws of hunters, and mixed in what was good in huntress and further it more with extra wide paths to give toss better movement, Tanks are now even steaven, compared to original.

I made a 100% balanced hunters, its was simplfied and each base had 1 path to center, and the hard core hunter supporters, rejected it they liked the flawed version with extra routes.

So I removed the the flaws and bugs from hunters but kept the game play intact with this one.

the guy who made huntress should just make whole new setup, because its basicly hunters - 2 players.
I didnt want to call this one after huntress, this blizzard idea and hunters is the name

Im still waiting on verdict for what I should do for this, just waiting on comments for this version first.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
take out all mineral onlies in the middle and you have a nice map
The chokes are pretty huge. Not going to help balance imo. Of course this is the way Hunters is, but hunters is not a good map, so I dont see a point in just rebuilding it.
your crazy, hunters is a great map.

famous/popular =/= great
king of 8 plr maps
Map updated to Final

Inept probly best guy who knows alot about hunters, so I done what you asked, I took out all minerals only, theres 4 Islands to fight for.
I also Decorate map more without ruining gameplay.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
the dentist
how come some nats have 2 entrances, some don't...
king of 8 plr maps
because I left it just like hunters was setup to be
the dentist
oh so it's like hunters but less starting locations and a narrower middle. joy.
No, no, it's good because, because.... ugh, nvm.
king of 8 plr maps
this version of hunters middle is almost twice as big and all paths are bigger also, gameplay and race balance is better, not perfcet but I wanted it to be semi-balanced.

If look at regualr hunters all naturals are easly hit by tanks from other side, mine all of them little more safer

here pic

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Nice job, I'll get a rep for you ASAP
king of 8 plr maps
map updated fix 1 gas at 3 pos to give more room to build defence for brown base
the dentist
there isn't 2 entrances in the real hunters, only in your gay ass map
king of 8 plr maps
look at picture, sofar your the fool, oh yeah teal only has 1 path in there in original hunters, not to mention his natural almost blocks his entrance after you build a command center.
Also look at purple 2 ways in on original.

This map plays alot better then what your theory is.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
the dentist
red's? no
yellow? no
white? no
brown? no
blue? no
orange? no
purple? yes
teal? yes

hunters has 2 nats that are harder to defend than they should be. 2 out of 8.

your map has at least 3 out of 6. hmm. so you made a map with less spots but worse. good job.
king of 8 plr maps
You know what cutthroat is, blizzard make few these maps, Like I said when i first post this I wanted to keep the hunters spirit in this map, not iron out all unbalance, but to fix major problems.

If you know anything about making maps you should know that if teals has 2 paths, then I also have to make counter balance to white which is opposite mirror base, if you look at original hunters you see I have to join orange and white the 2 bottom bases so it matches the top part of map.
Your missing the heart of why hunters is good for, each base got its challenges.

If you want clean version of hunters I can add it here but there less people that want that perfect version of hunters, I submitted it before and all cried over it and said this too plain and too balanced hunters.

I dont want to make this plain hunters again, I already made perfect balanced hunters before this one, Why I need 2 hunters + original hunters, I dont even like hunters that much.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
you said my version middle was even smaller then original, I then put picture up to prove to you mines is bigger middle.

why you care about this map so much, hunters not even a great map, I just make this to fix major problems for people that like this map the way it is but to fix it up so its not retarded hunters.

I took out retarted stuff and left the cutthroat gameplay, dont you get it dentist.

you play this with allies, so the extra paths is for flanking, I take those flanking paths out then this map be Fastest map gameplay.

How many times we gotta go over this

modified by king of 8 plr maps
the dentist
so if you get purple or teal's spot you should leave before 2 minutes. great map.
King of 8 plr Maps
Teal and purple have an Advatage to counter the disadvantage, they have more building space then rest.

If you toss you can build tons of cannons, and have 3 or 4 gates, they can hold their own.

Your just so focused on negative that you dont see positive, each base got it challenges that make playing this fun, players like this map its taken from a popular map.

People already know how to play hunters purple is same as hunters, so their build orders are same as before

I play tested this 2 times and at least this version each base can last alot longer then original version we played 40 mins and all players where in game still, nocking out 1 player was harder to do becasue this one you have more mobility compared to original, those flanking paths became important in later game for purple.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
Hello King of 8 plr Maps,you have made a lot of good maps, will you upload the unprotected files to the site? So we need fix some mistake of the maps.
This map was uploaded a long time ago, probably sometime in 2006 guessing from the MapID number. I have not seen king of 8 player maps (lol name) in a long time, if at all, from what I can remember. Don't think you will get a response here, enjoymaps. Although I could be wrong...

Best bet would probably be to find a map unprotector. I personally don't know of any (I tried downloading some awhile ago but I could never get them to work).
bad map
modified by 3EcArdIo

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