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Last update for (2)Magma Trap II : 2006, 12, 14 04:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1347 (2)Magma Trap II 128*128Diminate0.1beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Main Base : 8*1500 + 2*500 M + 2500*2 G
1st Exp. : 8*1500 + 2*500 M
4/8 Minerl Exp. : 700*10 M
Center Exp. : 6*1500M + 5000*1 G
Other Exp. : 7*1500 M + 5000*1 G

Short distance between two 1st exps(notice the ramps near upper part of the center)
Efficiency of resource mining in the beginning phase of the game.(Soon the two 500 minerals ran out, and the rate of gaining resources returns to normal speed.)
You can have much gas in the beginning but, since it has only 2500, it rans out soon.
though the look is awkard, it is very well done design wise.. and its never bad to try to do what u did with the resouces, but at this time not many ppl will accept this type of change... good work tho
pathing to reach the bottom corner expos looks like it would cause problems.
There is no problem in reaching the corner exps. If you see closely on 4/8 Mineral exp., you'll see that there is a little space that units can go through.
the bigger units will have problems. if u can shift the mineral line over a bit, it will solve this problem.

another suggestion wuld be to shift the nat's mineral line so that a missle turret etc can be placed to defend that area. as it stands now, z wuld have a field day zvt with mutas
The path is designed for small units in the first place. Bigger units need some control to reach there. That is a kind of advantage of taking corner exp.
And about turret building space, I think it would be fine, considering cases of Luna which has scarce place to construct defense tower behind the mineral. I don't have much data, but I think T is quite good in the beginning. And P also, because of 2 gases in the main base, P would not have difficulty in making some corsairs.
yeah but do you want to force protoss to go corsair right from the start? kinda too predictable and forcing then :/

overall the map is very tight and has LONG distances
If you're saying that the map has long distance, you seems to have missed the ramps near the center. The distance between 1st exps are pretty close. However, the route is not fit for the movement of mass forces; that's why you need other routes.

Forcing to make corsair does not necessarily make the opponent to surely predict what would protoss gonna do. Protoss players usually make one corsair for scouting in vs Z(if not 2 gate build order, most of protoss players do this, while progamers started not to do). After seeing whether zerg is planning mutalisk or not, you can control your number of corsairs and archons. Also Notice that you can get more amount of resources comparing to the other maps because of two gases(even though the amount of each is half of normal gases) and 10 mineral chunks. This make protoss player to easily gather more corsairs quickly. In addition, you can take three techs at once while taking only two techs are possible in other maps. So even though you see one corsair for scouting, you cannot predict whether protoss would take templar tech or robotics tech or both.
flo the distances are short... there are ramps near the nats... check along the cliff lines
omg those ramps :D
that is why i always increase gamma on my mappictures, esp in ash
how do you play zvt; really short distance from mains and nat has no gas. The expo with gas doesn't defend any of the other expos.
but I like how the map encourages use of the whole map rather than just the top

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