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Last update for (2)Sword Planting : 2006, 06, 02 00:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1350 (2)Sword Planting 128*128Diminate0.1beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I think it's better if the nat is closer to the main entrance
You can take mineral exp on 12'o clock area first and then take the nat later.
modified by Diminate
king of 8 plr maps
Good work on your maps, finally we get someone whos not afriad to put his ideas in a map even if it goes against the norm, we be seeing one these maps on MOTW, your my kind of map maker.
i dont think the nat needs to be closer since there is a 'backdoor' min only.

i must say i like ur new maps.. i look foward to seeing more work of urs
you need to remake the center - sure, it looks awesome, but imagine gameplay - it is so open and wide, no way in PvZ or TvP to move out at all.
plus, you need to make easier access to the center: when (for example) terran has secured the natural with tanks and so on, every opponent has to _move around the WHOLE map_ to make any pressure, which is no fun.

the neutral expansions all pushed to the bottom edge is also quite weird, but i dunno how exactly changes gameplay
Well, wide clean center is the place where the most game players love to fight(at least the Korean players.) T would not like it, but Z or P would like it.

However, securing center is not the key of this map, but if your forces are securing the center, it would be not that hard to make pressure. And even though your opponent secured the center, there still have some chance to make pressure by 'moving around the whole map.'

Most of center-fighting maps have exp.s along the route to the center. And the most important or the only tactical point of Starc is exp.s. So most of center-fighting maps have tactically importants points along the rout to the center. However, this map has two tactical route; one which is a shortest route to get to the center, and the other which is the route to take exp.s. I think this differentiated route would make some difference on the gameplay.
you CANNOT control or secure this center. as soon as T moves out against P, or P against Z, he is cruelly owned.
of course there are lots of center-fights on most maps - because their centers are adequate, but not giant.
Well sometimes terran just plays so well that he gets the superiour army and can attack quickly, the big center does not hurt him in that case. Except for Nada and oov, this will not happen to often on "equal" level of play though.

I still think this can be done for T in TvP or P in PvZ, with the layout of the map the more mobile and usually more hungry race in both MU at least can not totally outexpand the other, like on most 4 player maps. I think balance is really not too bad, but unless there are some 100+ games, we won't know for sure;)

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